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1 18 2018 Internet Dominator Call – Old And New SEO Tools To Improve User Experience On Your Site

1 18 2018 Internet Dominator Call – Old And New SEO Tools To Improve User Experience On Your Site

ʘ Sources you can use to generate traffic to your website.

ʘ Using videos as advertisements to draw traffic.

ʘ Pinterest as a good source of traffic.

ʘ How algorithms can affect your traffic.

ʘ How important is the traffic that your site gets from your links.

ʘ Tapping into sources of traffic outside of your common source.

ʘ Google Rankbrain and what it does for your site.

ʘ Improving your website’s click-through ratio.

ʘ Checking in with your bounce rate and how you can bring in your potential customers.

ʘ The ACT program and how you can use it to offer the right user experience for your ideal clients.

ʘ How Google measures your site visitors’ time on site and how you can improve it.

ʘ Using videos as perfect tools for the time on a page that your clients will stay on your site.

ʘ Creating micro commitments to get people to click on your site.

ʘ How effective marketing can actually drive your SEO.

ʘ What is a true black hat and why people use them?

ʘ Rainmaker and how it helps the user experience on your site.

ʘ The debounce script and how it can rewrite your browser history.

ʘ How you can attain a higher bounce rate.

ʘ The Google Rankbrain algorithm and its growing popularity.

ʘ Wordpress and click through plugins on the blog page.

ʘ Why SEO nowadays is treated like SEO in 2009 with user experience such as Rankbrain.

ʘ How Google is not as sophisticated as people think it is and what factors affect it.

ʘ What is cloaking and how it delivers content to viewers and what criteria it needs to posses.


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