$1 Street Food in Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur Food Tour 2023 / First Time at Bazar Ramadan


Hey hey hey! it’s another video tour from Malaysia!

In today’s travel video we are going to explore an amazing street food market in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, called Kampung Baru Bazar Ramadan, and yes it/s my first time at a Bazar ramadan! We will be wander around street food stalls, talking to local vendors and of course enjoying authentic Malaysian food, because it’s a street food tour in Malaysia 2023!
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Kampung Baru Bazar Ramadan
Kampung Baru Jamek Mosque
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  1. Mickey Stotch says

    Bang Bang! It's another delicious episode from Kuala Lumpur!
    ปังปัง! เป็นอีกตอนของความอร่อยจากกัวลาลัมเปอร์!
    – – – – –

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  2. Ceu Cute says

    Ini kue putu namanya jajanan tradisional Indonesia.. Yummy.. Sekarang sudah jarang pedagang keliling, dahulu ketika saya kecil banyak yang keliling tukang kue putu ini.. Sekarang agak susah mencarinya

  3. Pentoel Koeroex says

    malaydesh maling

  4. momew333 says

    That free cup from masjid is bubur lambuk 🎉🎉🎉

  5. budak keramat 1981 says

    most Malaysians can speak English

  6. Carcasurr says

    That poridge name BUBUR LAMBUK..

  7. in hendra says

    You have to visit Central Kalimantan, there are many places for adventure and culinary delights

  8. Meguri says

    bro really respects tradition, you're a real man

  9. _Bored_ says

    There are also many foods in Indonesia such as putu ayu…. because Indonesia and Malaysia allied together♥️

  10. Ardyanta Sebastian says

    come to Bali brader☺

  11. camp rio says

    Emang mirip sekali malaysia dengan indonesia

  12. Mark Hurst says

    The people are so friendly it's a beautiful thing to see

  13. Mark Hurst says

    That was a amazing video

  14. Zahir Ismail says

    Nice video Mr Mickey ,if you come again to Malaysia….please bring together Mr Putin for visit bazaar. Ramadan…😄😄😄

  15. Faizal Crows says

    wellcom to melaysia🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾

  16. Dizzel Mae says

    As a Muslim, you got my maximum respect 🔥✌🙏

  17. Asmah Binti Abdullah says

    I like your smile..👍🏼

  18. Ms Pebbs says

    Bahulu and bubur lambuk (chic/meat) porridge my fav too glad you like it Mickey! 🎉

  19. Uprak Oprek says

    Ternyata di malaysia ada kue putu sama seperti di indonesia love ❤🇮🇩🇲🇾

  20. Fahmy Nordin says

    moga diberikan hidayah.insyaallah

  21. Meg Zulaikha lai abdullah says

    You are one of the best YouTubers I have seen.. also another YouTuber from US Travel with Chris . Very friendly n respectful 👍🤗🙏

  22. lukas hariyanto says

    next time, you must try ramadhan and get iftar in indonesia. because in the mosque you can get together value with muslim indonesia. iftar is free in indonesian mosque

  23. Gerimis says


  24. 쥬베이 says

    잘 봤습니다 말레이시아에 가면 당신이 먹었던걸 먹어봐야 겠네요.

  25. Mohamed Aly says

    You must become a Muslim if you want to survive in the next life …. in judgment day do not say no one told me ……

  26. 쥬베이 says

    안녕하세요 잘 봤습니다 카메라는 어떤걸 사용하나요?

  27. Brutal Biker says

    You're the most Humble content creator I've ever seen may Allah bless you man❤️🇧🇩

  28. Kama Official says

    good may friend makan kue putu

  29. Kama Official says

    salam kenal my fiend

  30. Rizal Ismail Rizal says


  31. Snow Ball says


  32. Ibrahim AG says

    Good job Mickey… Thank you for fasting even for 1 day..

  33. Mohd Asrie says

    Welcome to Malaysia Truly Asia Good food -Enjoyed Thanks sharing very good videos

  34. Eci says

    Very impressive! you have a high tolerance and follow local culture. respect for you! first i knew your channel from jakarta section, and immediately interested with your another channels. Hopefully you can explore more in Indonesia again

  35. Syauki Ismail says

    I have great respect for you bro. Thanks for respecting our culture and religion. 😉✌️ If u ever come to Miri, you can contact me anytime.

  36. Rackaciq says

    Bro tqvm visited our country

  37. John week says

    John Cena!! Lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  38. Ahmad Fhakrul says

    # 16:30minit John Cena.. anchowak nyer banggla..😂😂

  39. Zeck Rahman says

    Still remember the awesome Malaysian Foods?

  40. Zeck Rahman says

    Love to ask you what country you are from?

  41. Jamilah Huyer says

    You're a good man Mickey. Respectful of the culture of the the places you visited. I enjoyed watching you mingling with the people

  42. adex nakal says

    Nice moments

  43. Microsoft Office. says

    Malaysia agak mirip seperti Bangladesh dan Pakistan secara publik.

  44. Andrew Pete says

    Mickey, you are so polite & respectful…Thank you for visiting Malaysia

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