10 Best Things To Do In IPOH (怡保) Malaysia


I recently went to Ipoh a few days ago and was surprised by the many things I can do over in Ipoh. Ipoh used to be a sleepy tin mining town but now it has become a vibrant town with many things to see and do . Here are the 10 fun things you can do in Ipoh . Hope you can use this info for your next trip to Ipoh ! Thanks for watching ! Sent from my iPhone

  1. Yasin Affandi says

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful video.

  2. Edmund Pascua says


  3. Aruna ibba unlimited says

    nice 👌👌👌

  4. i read .i travel. i become says

    Awesome Vlog 👍

  5. i read .i travel. i become says

    Thank you for sharing your journey.
    Bringing that 🟧𝓘𝓹𝓸𝓱 special vibes alive again.

  6. i read .i travel. i become says


  7. WanderEats says

    Whoa… great trip bro. Where to next I wonder?

  8. i read .i travel. i become says


  9. i read .i travel. i become says

    🤔Did u like the Canning Dim Sum ipoh?
    How was it??
    My friend recommended too.

  10. Imran Rahman says

    Wow great job 👏

  11. calvin Gan says

    Thank you for the effort to make the travel Vlogs.
    Keep up the good work.

  12. calvin Gan says


  13. Affendi King says


  14. siu tsang says

    how stupid

  15. Deena Gamal says

    Sooo much food and too many places to visit all over Malaysia .. I’m going there this June and still too distracted.. too many things not much time for all unfortunately.
    My favorite country.. sy sayang Malaysia.

  16. Unconventional Passionss says

    hi what is the best way to go to the castle from ipoh centre?

  17. Dua kara says

    Can you give me the location?

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