11 Barbie-utiful Inspos For Margot Robbie’s ‘Barbie’ Red Carpet Looks!


It’s Barbie’s world and we’re just livin’ in it!

Barbie isn’t just a doll or a name, she’s a feakin’ fashion muse! Margot Robbie, who plays the Barbie in the new ‘Barbie’ movie, has been wearing striking ensembles that pay homage to the eponymous doll throughout her hectic promotional tour. She’s worn outfits that are reminiscent of vintage Barbie dolls, including Day-to-Night Barbie, Earring Magic Barbie, and more.


Robbie worked hard with stylist Andrew Mukamal to make her outfits appear as Barbie-like as possible. In fact, a few of her costumes are exact replicas of vintage Barbie ensembles from decades past. Now take a gander at all the Barbie-inspired outfits Robbie has pulled off ahead of ‘Barbie’s release:

Pink & Fabulous

While Barbie’s favourite/signature colour is pink, sometimes, she rocks other hues.

Getty Images/ Mattel Inc

Robbie dressed in all three of Barbie’s favourite colours for a picture shoot in Beverly Hills that served as the press tour’s official launch. She channeled 2015’s Pink and Fabulous Barbie in a polka-dot Valentino minidress. The colour scheme makes it obvious what Robbie was advertising even if you weren’t aware of it. Simply too amazing!

Pink Gingham

Sporting specifically baby pink gingham!

Getty Images/ Mattel Inc

Fans became aware of a few allusions to The Wizard of Oz after the Barbie movie trailer debuted in May, notably Barbie’s pink belted gingham outfit. Is Barbie’s appearance a reference to Dorothy’s well-known blue gingham frock, or is it just a coincidence? Robbie displayed the timeless checkered pattern on several occasions during the press tour, including a two-piece Prada bra and miniskirt combination and a vintage Chanel blazer, in addition to costumes from the film.

Barbie On The Go


The Barbie convertible, adult-sized? Hell yeah! Even if you could have given any old convertible a pink paint job and dubbed it a Barbie car, it wouldn’t be the same without Robbie, who was decked out in head-to-toe Bottega Veneta.

Bathing Suit Barbie

Getty Images/ Mattel Inc

Robbie and Mukamal’s work on the recreation of 1959’s Teenage Fashion Model Barbie is truly impressive. The striped Hervé Léger bandage dress mimics the strapless silhouette of the OG Barbie’s swimwear, but the look really comes down to the accessories: the white cat-eye sunglasses with blue lenses, patent leather peep-toe mules, and gold hoop earrings are one-for-one recreations. And Robbie’s glam just takes the whole thing over the top. From her perfectly-curled pony to the red polish peeking out of her peep-toe shoes, this one is really just perfection.

Day To Night

Barbie with a professional look? Say no more!

Getty Images/ Mattel Inc

In a hot pink blazer, white brimmed hat, pencil skirt, and rhinestone phone, Robbie paid homage to Barbie Day-to-Night (which debuted in 1985) at the Seoul premiere recently.

Getty Images/ Mattel Inc

And before the idea of remote work was ever imagined, the “working girl” found a way to adapt her attire from a “day” at the office, to a glamorous “evening” on the town.

Basically Jackie O


Check out this outrageous recreation of the 1964 Sparkling Pink Barbie, complete with rhinestone embroidery, a quilted heart-shaped leather bag and a vivid pink hue. Moschino altered Robbie’s silhouette a bit, giving her a cropped jacket with a more contemporary cut, but still kept Sparkling Pink Barbie’s ’60s aesthetic by giving her a pillbox hat with an oversized bow.

Earring Magic


Sometimes, the most important part of an outfit is simply a pair of earrings. But you know, there’s no such thing as “regular” in Barbie-themed outfits.

Robbie and Mukamal paid homage to Earring Magic Barbie (1992) and her bright pink minidress during the Naucalpan de Juarez premiere in Mexico on July 6. Even with the silver chain belt and matching earrings dripping with star charms, Robbie’s rendition by Balmain rather closely matches the original without being too antiquated.

All About The Hair

Barbie has always been totally about the hair!

Getty Images/ Mattel Inc

Robbie dressed as the Totally Hair 25th Anniversary Barbie from 1992 for a photocall at the Mexico City premiere of the Barbie movie. She wore an Emilio Pucci minidress and hot pink stiletto shoes. She declined to wear Barbie’s oversized cotton headband, but decided to keep her waist-length waves crimped. And we’re more than fine with that!

Spotlight Barbie

Barbie isn’t always about donning pink outfits. We’d say this is one of our favourite outfits that isn’t pink!

Getty Images/ Mattel Inc

Robbie wore a strapless Schiaparelli couture dress with a puffy tulle hem for the 9th July LA premiere, creating her sexiest Barbie appearance to date. As usual, Robbie and Mukamal looked to Solo in the Spotlight Barbie (1960) edition for fashion inspiration. The two outdid themselves with the fit – from its pale pink handkerchief and peep-toe shoes to the black opera gloves and tiered diamond necklace.

Enchanted Evening

This is how you evoke the Golden Era of Hollywood!

Getty Images/ Mattel Inc

Robbie’s Enchanted Evening (1960) Barbie-inspired fit features a jaw-dropping satin gown with a train so long it requires many handlers, opera gloves that may pass for sleeves, and jewellery that is both extravagant and perhaps a little bit costumey.

Robbie donned the ensemble, specially-made by Vivienne Westwood, for the Barbie London premiere on July 12. Similar to her outfits for her premieres in Los Angeles, Mexico, and Seoul, this one was an exact copy of the original Barbie’s style, right down to the three-strand pearl necklace and rosette hip accent. Her hairstyle is where Robbie veered off course, though. The star donned a ’90s chignon with two wispy pieces framing her face, rather than micro-bangs and a ponytail.

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