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2. What You Need to Know About SEO

2. What You Need to Know About SEO


A (Very Brief) Introduction to SEO

It’s not black magic or a secret science
But… What on Earth is SEO in 2018?
Is it…
• Market research? Keyword research?
• Technical optimisation work behind the scenes?
• Is it copywriting and great content?
• Building links and authority?
• Website usability and great User Experience that is mobile friendly?
• Presenting a highly positive and credible image to potential customers?

Key Areas We Will Focus on Today

Website: A well-structured, fast, mobile-friendly website is essential.
• On-page basic optimisation is important – things like page titles and meta descriptions.
Local SEO: Local businesses need to consider local SEO best practices.
• Authority building. Links are still highly correlated with strong search engine results.
• Credibility. Case studies, portfolios, reviews and testimonials help you clinch the deal.
Content & Content Marketing: Valuable, timely content can put you in front of a wider audience and customer should choose you.

How Do People Search?

– Search engine Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
– Typing in the web address into the browser If you know the URL you want to go to
– Online directory Can be more applicable to certain industry verticals
– People search by Voice and Text – Over 20% of Google searches in the US are now voice searches.

94% of Australians use Google as their preferred search engine

A (Very Brief) Introduction to SEO How does Google work?

Google’s algorithm is the calculation Google uses to rank and display web pages, based on over 200 criteria in response on what users are searching

Google changes it’s algorithm regularly, with some small updates and some big ones.

What’s the Difference Between SEO (Organic) and paid ads (Adwords)?
Industry Term: ‘Organic Results’

A Few Industry Terms
• On page VS off page SEO
• White Hat Vs Black Hat
• Back links

Why is SEO Important to My Local Business?

Almost everyone is online and mobile
• 94% of people use Google to search (not Yellow Pages etc.)
• Even if you are not actively doing it, about your business, leaving reviews etc.

Mobile Customers – 85% of smartphone users have searched for local info 81% have taken action as a result 40% visited the store in person 35% called a business after searching

Why is SEO Important? Meet Bob* the Mechanic (*may not be his real name)
Option 1 Bob opens an auto repair business But, he does it in the middle of the desert… His shop is quite nice and he has some of the latest tools But nobody is connected to him and nobody can find him
Option 2 Bob opens his workshop on a busy street corner filled with cars Bob is seen by people passing by Bob puts up a big sign to promote his 24 emergency service Bob gets referrals from other local happy customers

How Much Does SEO Cost?

Study by Moz and AYTM of over 400 agencies internationally:
• Monthly retainer $251-$500/month (13.8% of sample) or of sample) most common.
• Per-project – prices can range from $1,000-$7,500. how-much-does-seo-cost-for-small-or-large-business

How Cheap is Too Cheap?

Consider some of the risks of going ‘too cheap’
1. Use of Black hat techniques
2. Bad or Duplicated Content
3. Plateaus how-much-does-seo-cost-for-small-or-large-business

It’s extremely unlikely that any real benefits will be realised for $100 a month, despite a number of businesses feeling businesses feeling that this is a reasonable price point.

Is SEO Right For My Business?

• Your Budget
• Your Goals
• Timeframe (4-12months+)
• Competition from Ads
• Big Competitors
• Your Starting Position

Basic Things you should be doing YES
More Advanced Stuff IT DEPENDS


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