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2017 | I wrote an eBook | YouTube SEO: A Gamers Guide to Subscribers, Views and Success

2017 | I wrote an eBook | YouTube SEO: A Gamers Guide to Subscribers, Views and Success


This is the infallible, no nonsense guide to finding success on YouTube. If you do exactly as this eBook says, you can find success and you can make YouTube work for you. This is centered around YouTube gaming channels, but the same concepts apply for vlogging, tech, news etc…

Why should we listen to you?

In my first year on YouTube I have taken my channel from zero subscribers and zero skill to 4,000 subscribers, 1.3 million views and have learned valuable skills along the way. Noone else out there is making guides like these. My YouTube SEO guide is straight to the point and has no gimmick sales pitch attached.

Why is this the best guide on the internet?

Simply because I am not trying to sell you a system, there is NO contract involved, I will do more for you than any MCN, and this guide is aimed 100% to improve your channel. For only $10 (the cost of lunch). Not only are you supporting my own creative efforts on YouTube, but you are jump starting your own. This eBook is THE BEST guide you will find on YouTube hands down.

What will I learn in this eBook?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
How to properly Title, Tag, and Describe videos
How to increase comments, likes and subscribers fast
How to drastically improve your YouTube channel quickly
Where are the proceeds going?

I will use 100% of the sales from this eBook to directly support the future growth and development of my YouTube channel. This includes but is not limited to new recording equipment and software.

What happens if you revise/update this eBook?

Simply email me a proof of original purchase and I will gladly email you the updated copy. I’m here to help you grow your own YouTube channel.


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