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Month: September 2017

The Downside of Targeting Niche Markets

While there exists a rather large potential for profit when marketing for a specific audience, the process is not without its disadvantages. The work that must be put into analysis and research is often overwhelming and the unwillingness to put in the effort is frequently the downfall of businesses seeking to target a niche market. While this process can certainly be time consuming, it is essential that a business looking for a niche market complete this research. In performing the necessary market analysis a business can gain an upper hand on its competition. The main goal of businesses looking to target a specific audience is to identify the needs of this niche market and learn how to better serve them, thereby increasing their sales and profit. Without the research and analysis it is ne...[Read More]

Three Different Types of Conference Calls That Can Help Your Business

Conference calling is the new way to communicate, and it is not just for businesses anymore. Many people, in all walks of life, are finding a use for such programs. Some people use conferencing for various purposes involving their work, others use conferencing to communicate with distant friends and relatives, and some people simply use it to save time when it comes to any type of meeting that they may have to schedule throughout their days. One thing is for sure, and that is that almost anyone can benefit from the use of a conference program. The best part is that those who take the time to look for a free conferencing program will surely find one, and that makes this innovative tool useful and cost effective, something that everyone can appreciate in these lean times for sure. With the p...[Read More]

Build Your Business With a Free Tutorial

People love to get free information so using a free tutorial to share your knowledge is a great way to promote yourself and your business. By doing this, you will be establishing yourself as an expert and building your reputation. Then when people need products and / or services, you will be the one they trust and believe. Divide your tutorial into lessons, one for each day of the tutorial or ecourse. Once you get your lessons written up you want to set them up individually on an autoresponder. There are many autoresponders available for free and for a fee. Some hosts may have autoresponders available as well. WordPress also has autoresponder plugins. Let's say you own a home décor and furniture website store. You could set up an ecourse on how to successfully paint a piece of furnitur...[Read More]

Leveraging a Hospital Email List to Target Decision-Makers

When it comes to expanding a client base in the healthcare industry, hospitals are certainly one of the greatest outlets that can provide a significant number of customers to healthcare providers. Targeting such a client base with accurate and responsive Hospital email list will work wonders in favor of the marketers. Also, targeting any healthcare professional might not be of high value as the power of decision-making does not lie in everyone’s hand. Hence, businesses require approaching the decision-makers with their medical products and services. The purchasing decision in hospitals is not easy at all. As the huge data is managed and organized by separate departments hence, the procurement structure becomes complex, making it hard for marketers to let their targeted audience hear ...[Read More]

Поисковая оптимизация сайта: SEO для бизнеса

Вебинар “Поисковая оптимизация сайта: SEO для бизнеса». Сентябрь 2017. Спикер: Михаил Сливинский, Яндекс.Вебмастер В любом бизнесе есть риски, и задача менеджера — уметь их предвидеть и минимизировать. В этом вебинаре мы рассказали о рисках, связанных с поисковой оптимизацией и основных принципах работы с поиском. Вебинар предназначен для владельцев сайтов и интернет-маркетологов. Однако интересно будет всем, кто хочет научиться быстро выявлять и исправлять поисковые проблемы сайта. Ответы на вопросы, заданные во время вебинара, мы публикуем в блоге Яндекса для Вебмастеров: source

Snapchat – Best Marketing Tool

There are two kinds of businesses right now – those who are taking advantage of Snapchat before other businesses find out they should be on it – and those who will wish they'd had the foresight to jump on Snapchat back in 2017. So what are some marketing strategies you can use on Snapchat for growing your business? Specialized Content Make your fans feel like insiders by providing content you offer now else. Your goal is to make users feel like they've got exclusive access to insider info. This develops emotional connections between them and you and your content. For example, you might provide tips or inspiration in the form of 24-hour Snapchat stories. Give your fans the keys to success, daily insights, advice and so forth to create a sense of trust and inclusivity. Co...[Read More]

Influencer Marketing Platforms

A lot of marketers around the world are searching for ways to connect with their audiences in an effective and greater way. It’s becoming very clear that most of the consumers trust their co-consumers than brands. Meaning, the great and genuine power lies with the customers, which is why Brands need to adapt their marketing strategies in order for them to create better experiences for their audience. We all know that the Influencer Marketing idea is a slow but steady one. Unlike the traditional marketing, most of the businesses and brands are willing or need to be willing to invest the time to develop authentic and genuine relationships with their influencers. Results are measured in the acquisition of new brand loyalists and not often measured by dollars and cents, but it is difficu...[Read More]

5 Best SEO Practices Of 2017 To Rank Higher In Google Search | Digital Marketing Strategy Ep. #015

5 Best SEO Practices Of 2017 To Rank Higher In Google Search | Digital Marketing Strategy Ep. #015 Listen to ALL episodes here: In Episode #015 of Digital Marketing Strategy Podcast, Digital Pratik is going to discuss the Top 5 SEO Tips for 2017. Follow these steps and you’ll increase website speed and improve user experience, CTR, and CRO. Let’s get started. #5: Content is King. #4: Engagement On Your Site. #3: Subscribe Forms & Pop ups. #2: CTR & Conversion Rates. #1: Page Speed Optimization. There you have it: The Top SEO Tips for 2017 that will help you rank higher on Google Search. Leave some feedback: — What should Digital Pratik talk about next? Please let me know in the comments below. — Did you enjoy this episode? If so, please leave a short review. source

SSL – Your Online Security Solution

Online transactions have become a part and parcel of our life. People share sensitive personal information, such as credit card, login details, etc online. The user, while sharing such details on the net, should not feel threatened that his details will be misused. For this reason, domain security has become a necessity. One such method of ensuring domain security is SSL. SSL or Safe Security Layer is a security technology, which establishes an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This ensures the safety of all data between the web servers and browsers. Browsers can interact with secured web servers only through the SSL protocol. For this, the browser and the server both require Safe Security Layer Certificate. This certificate ensures a secure connection between the two. Ste...[Read More]

Benefits Of An Architectural CAD Library

CAD, computer aided design, is a software solution used in a host of industries around the world. Thousands of people rely on this software daily to complete their tasks effectively. Architectural CAD libraries can be very beneficial when it comes to drawings for a new property, offering a host of benefits that you simply can not ignore if you are in the architectural industry. One of the benefits of an architectural CAD library is that it includes all the common objects you need when designing a building or home. You will find a full range of different windows and doors, along with other basic objects such as baths, toilets, beds and more. This can save you valuable time during the design process, eliminating the need to draw each window into the drawing, you simply drag and drop for adde...[Read More]

Innovative Magento Developers Integrating the Best of Digital & Physical Shopping Experiences

The world of trade and commerce has undergone drastic changes with advent of the internet. These days, the entire domain of commercial activities revolves around the virtual entity of the World Wide Web (WWW). In this circumstance, businesses that sustain on eCommerce and multiple servers are obviously thriving. Among the vast list of eCommerce platforms, robust, open-source, cloud-based and secured platform of Magento deserves to be specially mentioned. Magento – At a glance Businesses that are powered by Magento enjoy certain benefits. The eCommerce platform has: A lower learning curve Reasonable maintenance cost as compared to the other open-source platforms It offers adequate security The methodologies are not only impressive but agile as well As such, Magento customization is de...[Read More]

Wholesale Video Games Start-Up Business Tips – Free!

If you ask people around many people will say that it is impossible to make money with wholesale video games. To become a millionaire selling video games, that is true. You can earn good money by doing resale of video games accessories, games and collections. The golden secret is, where are you getting your products for resale in order to get a 20-30% profit margin? You will have to sell lots of video games in order to earn a living out of it, that's a fact. But why only focus on wholesale video games when you can sale a diverse of items and earn a full time income if you sell on your own website or established websites? By offering wholesale games and accessories in your own online niche website you maximize profitability. When it comes to games offer games that have both domestic and...[Read More]

Automated Profit Package Review

Welcome to my personal review of Automated Profit Package the brand new make money online system created by Tim Carlson. Why this review? – I have personally bought and used the system and I find it has a massive amount of information related to internet marketing and I would like to share this information with people who are starting out in this new field. My detailed walk through of the automated profit package system (What you actually get inside the members area) The first section of automated profit package: Getting Started , covers the following topics. Get your free website Get instant customers Submit Websites to DMOZ PPC Marketing Introduction What is Google AdWords & How it works Open a Google AdWords account The first section is all about setting yourself up with a fre...[Read More]

10 Powerful SEO Ranking Factors – Are You Missing One?

This Is How You Rank In Google? There are many factors when it comes to ranking in Google and other search engines. In this video I share 10 of the most important factors for your consideration. Don’t Miss A Future Combination Upload — Subscribe: Here are some more helpful SEO videos: SEO Ranking 2017, Brian Dean Chase Reiner SEO Rankin- My goal is to make you a better marketer and business person. Rosh Sillars is a digital marketing consultant who shares information about business and marketing to grow your business: SEO, PPC, Social Media, digital marketing technology and strategy. Contact for collaboration Graphics: source