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Month: November 2017

How to Find Your Ideal Customer Using the Search Engines

In this article I am going to talk about how to find your ideal customers. Without customers who actually want what you are offering you will not make any sales. Therefore it is very important that you target your search for customers. In order to identify your target customer you need to know what it is you can offer them. If you do not have any products to offer then you are unable to build up a picture of the individual that you should be targeting. For example, if you have a product that you have created and it solves a particular problem then you know that you need to find people who want to solve that particular issue. Using Search Engines Using the Internet to target customers is very straightforward because all you need to do is to find the websites that your ideal customer is visi...[Read More]

Personal Brand Marketing – Brand Buzz 101

I understand the importance of visibility. As a small business owner, being "known" can be the difference between a steady flow of revenue or closing your doors. Yet, being visible is not enough. Being remembered is most important and means you occupy some prime real estate in the mind of someone. Garnering "share of mind" means that you somewhere along the way that they sampled your character and competency and you became memorable. Marketing, by definition, is creating an exchange environment. For an individual, that could mean breaking a referral, speaking positively on your behalf, a promotion or an introduction. Branding, by definition, is an emotion or image tied to a product. YOU are the product. Even in businesses, people are the brand and define the company, mo...[Read More]

How to Tell If an SEO Article Service Will Really Deliver Long Term Results

Why use an article service to create custom SEO articles rather than writing them yourself? What are the benefits of using a professional SEO article service as far as your business is concerned? At first glance it may seem that paying someone to write articles on the topic of your business is illegally to get you very far, but you'd be wrong. At least, you'd be wrong if you looked at the top article writing services on the web. But be warned, there are more low quality article writers than high quality ones out there, and there's a world of difference between the two. So what are the benefits, and how can you spot an SEO article writing service that's likely to give you value for money, and results which will affect positively on your sales figures? The first article servi...[Read More]

How to Plan a Quinceanera Or Fifteen?

Are you planning a Quinceanera but do not know where to start? You are not alone, a lot of young Latinas are wanting to celebrate their Quince años by throwing a quinceanera party but they do not know where to start. At first the planning will seem overwhelming so you have start slow slow and then start making some big decisions. The biggest mistake that families make it that they start to make promises without deciding on a budget. So the parents of the Quinceanera should start saving or at least give a realistic budget to work with. This will set the perimeter of how big the event will be. Once you have a budget in mind then start to consider how many people you are planning to invite. You do this at the beginning of your planning because you want to know what hall to rent out so you mak...[Read More]

Would You Give Away Your Business?

A Business Exit Plan can have a number of different connotations. You may hear it referred to as a Sucession Plan. At Superb Coaching we have taken a deliberate move in focussing on the 'EXIT' because we are dealing with the business owner's plan to remove themselves from the business. Yes, there are issues around succession management that we address however we feel that the Exit Plan needs to address more than just success. Your Business Exit Plan should deliver the following objectives: 1) To maximizing the capital realization from the transfer of ownership 2) To achieve this realization in a reasonable time frame 3) To minimize the risks as consequence of change or during the period of change In a survey conducted by the Australian CPA in 2004, it was found of business owne...[Read More]

Cartoon Logo An Intriguing Affair!

The other day I was going through the newspaper – Just flipping through the pages. Nothing new, a regular routine, or you can say a daily affair. Sometimes I wonder how can reading a newspaper be some sort of leisure activity for someone. Completely disinterested, I was going through the same old news when something caught my eye …… it was a real bright and beautiful business logo. I smoked as I looked at it. It was a beautifully sketched cartoon logo symbolizing a business of a company engaged in graphic design, mascot design, cartoon logo design, stationery design and web design services. It was staring out at me and had a story to tell. One expression was enough to trigger many thoughts and feelings. Feeling of humor – Some sort of a strange attraction to the car...[Read More]

Teach Yourself CSS The Easy Way

I taught myself HTML back in the mid-nineties and was proud of the fact that I was able to accomplish the design of fairly complex web pages with nothing more than a starter HTML book, an HTML reference book, and the knowledge I had stored in my head. But back in those days, we web designers had what looking back was a fairly limited amount of tools with which to work, and the quality (or lack of) of sites on the web was lackluster at best. Fast-forward to today: The hand-coder has more powerful and intuitive software packages available that will still allow us "to get our hands dirty", which brings us to the purpose of this article. With the standardization of the much anticipated Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in the late-nineties, the web design community has become familiar wit...[Read More]

Cheap Web Design: Choose It And Buy Your Peace of Mind

You had been wondering and getting apprehensive each time you realized you had very little or no experience with web design. It is the cheap web designers who can solve your problem. Taking help of internet to trace such designers can be very beneficial, a word of caution for you though- make proper inquiries and satisfy to the authenticity of their existence. Wherever you feel doubts or confusions, you should ask for few past references of satisfied customers. This way it will help you clear all doubts directly from their earlier customers. Selecting the service providers will make sure that you get your designing needs fulfilled at reduced cost. Finding such designers would not be difficult with a massive competition all around where each service provider is well known to charge their cu...[Read More]

5 Marks of a Great Content Management System

The functionality and appeal of your CMS website rests on your ability to select the best content management system for your needs. There are a lot of big names competing for attention as well as some smaller names that have great promise to become big names. This means lots and lots of choices for those who want to design CMS websites. To make the selection process a bit easier, consider five tell-tale marks of a great content management system: # 1: You do not need an IT crew on staff to install the CMS. Installation is where some of the less effective content management systems fail. If a user can not figure out how to get the system installed they start to wonder if they will be able to actually use the system once it is installed. The best content management systems will be very easy ...[Read More]

Successful Brand Name Advertising In The Philippines

If there is one company in the Philippines today that understands and knows the importance and value of brand names is Jollibee. A brand name creates a perception in the customers mind that becomes very strong, and no one understands this more than our countries number one fast food chain. Ask your average Filipino child where he would like to eat and 8 out of 10 will likely answer Jollibee. The Jollibee mascot is probably the most widely recognized character in the country. Thanks to the intenet marketing and advertising campaign and the endorsements of various popular local actors and actress, thought about catchy names and memorable lines that almost every Filipino can immediately recognize and identify. Do you want to know how effective their advertising campaign is? Take for example t...[Read More]

How to Use Articles to Build Your List – Internet Strategic Marketing

Regardless of the quality of the product you have to offer, you need targeted website traffic in order to make an online sale. Half of the task of getting online sales is gaining targeted website traffic. Conversion- having traffic that make a purchase- is the other half, and is much easier when that traffic is well targeted. It happens too often- internet strategic marketing tactics intended to build your list neglect to build your targeted traffic as well. Are you employing a list building technique that is aimed at building targeted website traffic as well? What needs to be done is to focus your marketing effort on a specific group of people, called your target market. Although you can effectively reach your target market by using any Internet strategic marketing tactic, learning how to...[Read More]

Making Your Commercial Website Work With Effective Web Design

The first thing about web design is to know the purpose of the website. This will then define the target audience of the website. Furthermore, this will dictate the appropriate look and overall web design. Web Design: Connecting with Potential Customers Commercial websites need to connect with potential customers. Websites are there to tell them about the products. So that’s what they should see in the website. They would be interested about what these products can do for them. Customers would want to know how they can buy the products. If they have questions they’d want to know how to contact you. And eventually they would be interested about the cost too. In short, what a commercial website needs is a whole system. It’s like having a good store. You don’t only nee...[Read More]

Going Loco for Logos

You have just opened your business and are about to place your first ad in the newspaper or Yellow Pages. The rep requests you if you have a logo. Gulp. A logo? You panic and realize you have to have one and fast. After all, every business has a logo and look how successful they have become. Check out Coke, Microsoft, Honda, Wal-Mart, and the list goes on and on. So you grab the local directory and pick a graphic designer or ad agency and get moving. Thousands of dollars later, you present the new logo to your ad rep and are well on your way to success, fame and fortune. After all, now you have a logo. Let's back up. Take a look at the process where a business is born and think about the timeline. When Bill Gates began tooling with operating systems for Microsoft, did he start by desig...[Read More]

Cystic Acne Natural Remedy Plan

Acne can really ruin your day! Imagine waking up one day to discover that you have this massive pimple on your cheek – how are you supposed to walk around with confidence when your pimple is all you can think about. It stands out like a sore thumb and you are sure that everyone is looking straight at it. Cystic acne is one of the severe forms of acne and contains a whitish / yellow pus. If you search the internet you will find 100's of ways to get rid of acne but not so many suggestions for a cystic acne natural remedy! A cystic acne natural remedy plan that works! There are 3 things that you can be doing that will dramatically improve your skin – naturally! 1. Clean Your Digestive System Your bowel needs to be clean regularly and there are many options available to do this...[Read More]

Internet Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing – Can I Abandon Traditional Marketing?

This is a common question raised by novices in Internet marketing. Actually, it reflects a misunderstanding of the whole concept of Internet marketing. Because of its reliably novel stage, there is a mystique attached to the concept by newcomers and so the question: If I go for Internet marketing, should I abandon traditional marketing (as if one should now exclude the other)? My simple answer is – why would you? Internet marketing and traditional marketing should complement each other. The Internet simply allows you to extend your reach beyond the current confines of your traditional marketing system such that areas in the world that were previously beyond your reach can now be accessed through the Internet. To better appreciate that, it would be helpful to know what Internet market...[Read More]