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Month: February 2018

Importance Of A Responsive Web Design In The Era Of The Smartphones

No doubt, we live in the era of smartphones, where every one of us uses our mobile phones to connect with the people, to shop or to do many other things. Therefore, having a mobile-friendly website is important for your business as this may help to gear up your brand image and win the credibility in the market. A responsive website is the one that has the ability to tweak itself to fit and look perfect on all the responsive gadgets. Once you stick to this type of website, there is no need for you to create any separate solution. It has so many benefits to offer and in case you don’t know about them, so, scroll down and get to know. No Need Of Multiple URLs: Designing a separated website one for desktop and other for mobile is difficult and managing them separately requires lots of mo...[Read More]

Why Magento Is Preferred Over Other E-Commerce Platforms

Running an e-commerce business isn’t an easy task and requires you to put constant efforts and to strategize to develop a strong web presence that helps you give a competitive advantage. While several significant e-commerce platforms are present on the web, Magento best suit the need to develop medium and large e-commerce sites. The platform offers everything that is required by a Magento web developer to construct an innovative and feature rich websites or online portals. Even if, you get stuck in carrying the Magento website development, you can easily find a reliable Magento Development Company to get your job done efficiently. Below are top reasons that make Magento a reliable e-commerce platform: 1. Built For E-commerce Magento was created primarily to serve e-commerce web devel...[Read More]

Search Engine Optimization – Know to Get the Best!

Websites getting the right traffic can get assured returns and desired revenue online. These websites typically generate impressive amounts of profit for any company. However, it is not quite easy to attain the desired level of targeted exposure. Even, a well-planned website is honest to make loss in absence of a good looking web presence. To make the right impression and earn the maximum, it becomes important considering using search engine optimization processes and techniques while building the site. A lack of SEO knowledge will affect the overall structure and impact of the website. Show can you decide what should be done to avoid wastes effort and get the best of visibility? Normally, it becomes really easier than you think. First, find out a good and experienced search engine marketi...[Read More]

Enhance Your Business With Online Marketing Agency

An online marketing agency offers various services to the internet marketers that help them in increasing the traffic of a website as well as provides them with functioning websites. It utilizes innovative methods to create functional and compelling sites, extensive expertise and diverse tools that are result oriented. Some of the services offered by online marketing agency include the following: Search engine optimization Pay per click advertising Affiliate marketing scheme Search engine optimization is an important method for securing site visits from target customers and improving satisfaction among regular visitors. An agency for online marketing of the products employs Inbound Link Building Review for SEO, Search Engine Prominence Analysis, Keyword Marketing Analysis and Search Engine...[Read More]

Top 10 Benefits of Male Chastity

Many people find the concept of male chastity fun and exciting. This is particularly true if the male partner is somewhat submissive or the female partner is somewhat dominant. But, it’s not only for couples in those kinds of relationships. In fact, it can benefit almost any heterosexual relationship. Male chastity is not just fun and games – there are real benefits to the male chastity lifestyle. Because the topic is so personal, often those interested fear ridicule and embarrassment so, many of their questions go unasked. Just check out a forum or two where someone dared to ask a question about male chastity…”weirdo, whack job, pervert, sicko…” are often the unkind comments returned. It is a personal choice in life, like anything else and can be discus...[Read More]

How to Create a Newsletter Plan

In many coaching circles, Linda Clair Puig is the newsletter queen. She just published her first book on the topic of newsletters. I'd like to share one of her suggestions that I have been using that can help take some of the overwhelm out of writing newsletters. It is to plan out your newsletters for a year in advance. Why is this helpful? First of all, it will ensure that you will be more likely to get all of the newsletters out on time, in a regular fashion. One of the most important things about effective newsletter marketing is the regularity. You want your newsletter to come out like clockwork, so your subscribers expect it. That makes you look more professional than coaches who send out a newsletter occasionally or erratically. Planning your newsletter in advance helps you see t...[Read More]

Marketing Plan Outline

This marketing plan outline will help small business owners put together a strategy to launch a new product or service or will help those who are starting a small business or working their business. Marketing Plan Outline: 1. Executive Summary: The executive summary is really a spotlight page of the contents of the marketing plan outline. Typically it needs to reference the key points of your strategy and answer the who, what, why, when, where, and how questions. This summary is always done at the end – after the other parts of the strategy are completed. 2. Company Review: * Background information on the company (date incorporated, operation purpose, history, number of workers, primary product / service. * Include the company's vision statement, which is a view of the company...[Read More]

Top 7 WordPress Website Design Trends That Will Accelerate In 2017

From its inception 2003 to 2016, the WordPress has also marked major changes with hundreds of themes, plugins, tools and libraries release and the mobile responsiveness with its myriad of the versions. The best content management system platform is leveraged by the 10 million websites across the globe. Every year a lot has been speculated for the WordPress development and that’s fulfilled with the release of new features. This year 2017, there are some website design trends that will take the center stage. Let’s shed some light on such trends: 1) Go mobile responsive As the mobile is becoming the primary device, the website development adaptable to a range of devices was started, but the websites not optimized for mobile were poor in designs and ruining the user experience. To ...[Read More]

Entrepreneurial Development in Nigeria

While these statistics bide well for the country’s economic prospects, they also serve to reaffirm the vital importance of entrepreneurial development in achieving that potential. Past Entrepreneurship Developments People of the Ibo community in Nigeria are considered one of the oldest entrepreneurs in history, their expertise stretching back to times before modern currency and trade models had developed elsewhere on the planet. In the more recent past, Nigerians adapted their natural talents to evolve traditional businesses and crafts that have sustained most of the country’s rural and urban poor for the better part of the last half century. While the oil boom of the ’70s brought in billions of petrodollars, most of the country’s population remained untouched by th...[Read More]

SEO Companies – What Can They Do For Your Business?

The internet marketing boom has created an accompaniment economic boom of critical circumstances and one of the types of services that have really been helped by this has been the SEO companies. The concept of the SEO company was practically non-existent before internet marketers and the business done by a SEO firm five years ago was negligible at best. SE marketing firm payroll was limited to one or two people working out of their home home and trying to supplement their main income with doing some web work that they enjoyed. Now each SEO company will have its own office and dozens of employees and take on hundreds of projects each year. Every single SEO firm on the planet owes their success to the increase in internet usage for marketing purposes and each search engine marketing company ...[Read More]

Where Does Brand Building End And Lead Generation Begin?

Most B2B marketers are well aware that they cannot have different approaches for demand generation and brand building. To be able to generate leads you have to continuously build awareness and credibility for your brand. This will help to refill the top of the B2B lead generation funnel. Although brand building and B2B lead generation are inevitably linked they have their own objectives and need to have subtle differences when it comes to the approach that you have for both. It is very important that companies realize where it is that brand building ends and lead generation begins when they are approaching these aspects of the business. Depending on which level of the funnel the marketer is targeting they have to make changes in their strategy and have a vast mix of content that can be del...[Read More]

History Of The Guava

The early Spanish explorers of the 1500’s found Strawberry Guava, ‘Acca sellowiana O.,’ growing as a native tree in America, where they were firmly established from Mexico southward to Peru. History records that Seminole Indians were growing guava trees in Northern Florida in 1816. Strawberry Guava, ‘Acca sellowiana O.,’ can grow into trees 25 feet tall and frequently they are planted by homeowners as a privacy hedge that is easily trimmed or grown as an untrimmed windbreak. The guava tree can be trained to single or multiple trunks by pruning and will grow into an excellent specimen plant that is covered with exotic flowers during late spring. The wood is gray in color, and the grain is very hard and dense. The leaves are small, distinctly colored flat green,...[Read More]

2018-02-27 Contemporary SEO

Community Lead, Damien McKenna explains the dos and don’ts of contemporary SEO. source

Reinforce Your Business Plan With Sound Financial Projections

Strange as it may sound, the creation of financial projections is far more important and complex, than the actual results. More than merely the figures, it is the planning that matters. Or restated, it is the means to the end that matters here more than the end. Without financial projections, business is like fumbling in the dark without a lamp and a map and you will not be able win investor confidence or obtain financing. Even if you are self-financing, or you have a family driven business, you need financial projections as a guide and barometer to measure your company's performance. You will need to consider these steps to arrive at your financial projections : Develop your 3-5 year Sales forecast: You can make your forecast, based on past sales data, competitive comparisons, and the...[Read More]

What Is The Best Hotel Strategy To Increase Occupancy and Revenue? How To Differentiate Yourself?

What is the best hotel strategy to increase occupancy and revenue? How can we differentiate ourselves to compete with other big hotel competitors? When I opened my first Boutique Hotel I did not have any prior experience in the hotel industry. The only experience I had with hotels came from being a guest in hotels myself. I did not study hospitality management either. So what did I do to get rolling? I contacted a consultant and asked him for help. The consultant wanted to charge more than $ 10K for only three months, and so I decided to do all the marketing by myself. Here is how I started: I contacted the Online Travel Agencies – HRS, Booking and Expedia. I put all the information about my hotel together: pictures, facilities, amenities, the hotel's location, public transportat...[Read More]