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Month: July 2018

Online and Offline MBA Degree Programs – What Are the Differences?

Online MBA sounds ideal for many people who have full time jobs. It means the MBA studies will be offered almost entirely online to the working people without traveling to the campus to attend classes. The essential tools for completing MBA degree online are just computer and a stable internet connection. Before deciding to apply for this course, it is good for us to know the differences about online and offline MBA. Generally, there is no difference between online study and on-campus study in terms of duration and total number of credits. Most of the MBA degree programs typically require two years of full-time study with the total credit of 36 hours. Most MBA degrees comprise of one year of core business classes and one year of specialized study. In other words, the course contents, mater...[Read More]

Learn How To Build A Business Plan And Create Your First Product For Your Online Business

Most Internet Marketers fail online because they do not know where their business is going or how they are going to get there (to whatever their end point goal is – usually making money online). Many newbie Internet Marketers may experience a little success at first, but eventually they will fail. They will fail because they do not have or use a solid business plan in the development of their online business. Most people just starting out in Internet Marketing treat this business as a “hobby.” It is something they do in their spare time. Most of these online entrepreneurs run after the hype and eventually close down their online business. This is almost always due to the lack of sales. They thought it would be “easy” to get sales online. The ideas behind these...[Read More]

How to Use Blogging As an Inbound Marketing Strategy

In the digital/online space, effective content is one that provides relevant and valuable information to individuals along the continuum of Visitors–Leads–Customers. This is what Inbound marketing captures. What then is Inbound marketing? According to Hubspot Academy, Inbound marketing is the process of attracting customers through relevant and helpful content which adds value to them. Online content can be in form of video marketing, social media marketing or blogging. Blogging is one of the commonest methods of online content and can be used for all stages of Inbound marketing. WHAT ARE THE STAGES OF INBOUND MARKETING? The stages of inbound marketing are: · Attract · Convert · Close · Delight HOW TO IMPLEMENT INBOUND MARKETING USING BLOGGING ATTRACT Your goal is to use a blog...[Read More]

Custom Web Design – 3 Practical Tips For Choosing A Good Web Design Company

In today’s web-oriented business world, every smart business owner knows the worth of a professionally designed website, which offers consumers a visually appealing, safe and fun online platform to browse and shop at leisure. New-age web marketing and business processes utilized by e-commerce sites have further added to the advantages of online shopping, which combines ease of use, savings on time, effort and money (many websites offer deals, discounts and loyalty coupons to repeat or regular customers and site visitors offering referrals) and none of the hassles of visiting local businesses, looking for a parking spot and standing in queues like traditional shopping environments require. Plus, with the wide-spread reach of the Internet, even in remote regions of the world and on a v...[Read More]

Fundamentals Of An E-Commerce Website

What is E-Commerce?: E-commerce is the technology which enables individuals and firms to trade, market, and do business online. Here the key points are there are no physical market and this model of retailing offers the flexibility that the consumer or customer can shop at the convenience of his home or office without actually taking the pains to go to the market and do the entire shopping. We know that traffic in some cities is a pain and the transportation element is completely erased here because the transaction is online. In the market you have to go yourself store to store and check the various options that are available and this is very tiresome where as when people transact online they can check multiple options online, can view for example t-shirts that are offered by various brand...[Read More]

Why Should You Undergo SEO Training at Least Once?

Search engine optimization or SEO as we call it has become very widely adopted as an online marketing strategy mainly because of its effectiveness. The benefits of SEO are very vast and below are some points which can help you to comprehend as to why is it so important to go for SEO training. An increase in traffic The top most positions of a search engine’s result pages can receive a majority of the clicks and impressions and thus ranking on these top positions can result in a much more significant amount of traffic. Return on investment SEO can provide quantifiable and traceable results. This is clearly regardless of whether or not you are in on a non- ecommerce site or an ecommerce site and hence there are no qualms when it comes to return on investment. All of these SEO agencies ...[Read More]

Reverse Mentoring – A Vital Employee Engagement and a Great Employer Branding Tool

Most of us in the human resources function will clearly be able to articulate the values of a good institutionalized mentoring process, as a component of organization development. With good leaders acting as mentors, the mentees – mostly team members, reportee or a colleague – get to learn new technology, a new process in the organization structure, a new and innovative way to handle customers or close a sale. An organization that fosters a good mentoring culture and environment attracts talent that prefers to learn by the day, innovate, contribute and grow in the rungs. With mentoring having been around for a while, and widely accepted at the personal and organizational level, the benefits are there to see for all. Not the case with the opposite – I am sure there will be...[Read More]

Why Host Your Bitcoin Mining Server at at Colocation Data Center?

A common question we are asked all the time, is “Why would I host my server at a data center, and not at my house, or my office?”. The Short Answer: Scalability. While it is initially cost effective to keep mining servers in a residential or small commercial setting, the saving’s quickly diminish as the mining operation scales up. There are many costs that are often ignored when a Bitcoin Mining operation starts up. While nearly everybody is immediately aware of the electrical costs involved in the endeavor, hidden costs quickly add up. These include: Electrical Infrastructure Costs: Typical new construction provides for a code allowable wattage consumption of 38,400 watts. This is 34 Antminer S1’s or 20 Cointerra Terraminers. This power figure negates electricity n...[Read More]

Nondestructive Examination (NDT) – Hydrostatic Test On Steam Boilers (Fired Pressure Vessels)

Since my area of expertise is in steam boilers, I will not discuss the hydrostatic test (HT) in unfired pressure vessel or power piping. Hydrostatic test is a form of NDT (nondestructive test) and is the most preferred method to detect leakage and cracks in boiler under water pressure. Other NDT’s such as magnetic particle test (MPT) or penetrant test (PT) are normally done to confirm the extent of damage after the leak point has been discovered. Only water pressure is allowed for HT. Steam or air is not allowed. “Hydro” itself means water. Water for all practical purposes is incompressible, and the pressure developed by the hydrostatic pump can be relieved instantaneously by releasing very small quantity of water, which would happen on leak occurring. Air is compressible...[Read More]

How Business Succession Planning Can Protect Business Owners

What if something happens to you, and you can no longer manage your business anymore? Who will then take over your business, and will it be managed the way you want? Establishing a sound business succession plan helps ensure that your business gets handed over more smoothly. Business succession planning, also known as business continuation planning, is about planning for the continuation of the business after the departure of a business owner. A clearly articulated business succession plan specifies what happens upon events such as the retirement, death or disability of the owner. A good business succession plans typically include, but not limited to: ·Goal articulation, such as who will be authorized to own and run the business; The business owner’s retirement planning, disability p...[Read More]

How to Find an Internet Marketing Company Offering the Best SEO Services

If you’re running a business in today’s competitive marketplace, it will be no secret to you that the internet plays a vital role in the success of your brand. But while most entrepreneurs and business managers know the theory behind online marketing, many of them don’t have the time or technical know-how to put it into action. If you’re looking to build or improve your brand’s online reputation, the best place is to start is by outsourcing an internet marketing agency who can use their knowledge of SEO, internet branding and social media management to help drive more traffic to your website and encourage browsers to convert to customers. If you’re not familiar with the terminology – don’t worry, an internet marketing specialist will be able ...[Read More]

What Makes a Good Web Page Design? Some Tips on Making Yours Stand Out!

Whether you’re creating a brand new web page design, or revamping your current site, some of your major objectives are to create an easily navigated web page, a good looking page with a balanced eye-catching composition – in short, a good web page design! So, how do you measure the attributes of good web page design? There are several schools of thought here, with much depending on your type of business. If your site provides financial information and services, a corporate look may be what you need. If you sell artwork, a dramatic, artistic backdrop may serve your sense of a good web page design. A website featuring designer style products should integrate that designer look and feel. The interior designer might opt for a sophisticated or homey country feel, or whatever style s...[Read More]

Emerging eCommerce Trends That Will Define The Future of Online Stores

The increase of global eCommerce is truly astounding to say the least… Per a Statista Report – in 2017 global eCommerce reached approximately 2.3 trillion dollars and it is expected to reach a new high of 4.5 trillion dollars by 2021. In The United States alone, eCommerce businesses account for about 10 percent of sales in retail. This figure increases each year by approximately fifteen percent. About eleven percent of people shopping online conduct their shopping and transactions via their smartphone on a regular basis. Some say that 35% will make their smartphone their primary tool for all purchases. Approximately 39% percent of people, who shop online utilize Social Media Platforms to acquire some inspiration for some of their purchases. eCommerce is evolving at an accelerat...[Read More]

SEO Packages: Ensure Maximum Traffic to Your Website

In this competitive online business world, it is getting very difficult to overcome the stiff competition. And this competition is getting stiffer due to the launch of so many new sites daily. Among these sites, there will be some sites which will never make any impact and always languish far behind the leaders. The reason: the owners of these sites are not aware about the importance of availing SEO packages from a reliable SEO company. But many offshore companies understand the importance of availing customized packages from reputed SEO companies. They know search engine optimization is the best method to get top ranking for specific keywords on major search engines. Thus, SEO outsourcing has become a major trend in the current scenario as most companies want to attract customers and incr...[Read More]