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Month: September 2018

Top 5 Must Visit Cities in Sabah, Borneo!

When you are traveling to Sabah, you might wonder which cities are worth a visit. We will take a look at Top 5 cities in Sabah. Let’s start off with Kota Kinabalu. Kota Kinabalu or in abbreviation, KK, is the capital city of Sabah. It is a delightful and vibrant coastal city that is abundant with tradition, heritage and history which intrigued the locals and even international travelers to wander and discover many fascinating places it has to offer. Even though it is the capital, it is not that packed and filled with skyscrapers like other big cities in other countries, in fact, visitors still can expect to find dazzling rainforests, natural ecosystem, stunning reefs at amazing islands and even diverse culture. Visiting Kota Kinabalu is like having a taste of the whole Sabah just in ...[Read More]

Stress-Free Small Business Ideas That Are Actually Fun!

Tired of the long commute to and from work? Annoyed with your boss always barking down your neck? Exhausted from the long hours of your career? You need a break. And what better way to break out of your vocational rut than with your own small business? Be your own boss; make your own hours and work from the comfort of your own home. Here’s how: 1. Start a membership site: Membership sites are the perfect way to combine your passion with your pay cheque. Simply find a great idea, a niche market, a marketing tactic and start writing and creating content. Or, hire a group of writers to do it for you. Either way, you can be in business in no time, managing and designing a website you are passionate about and making residual income off of it. 2. Become an online auctioneer: an online auct...[Read More]

The Who’s Who Of Network Marketing: Who Is Eric Worre?

Ask anyone in the know for the top name in Network Marketing and the only way you’re going to get an answer that isn’t Eric Worre is if you ask Eric Worre himself. For more than a quarter of a century, Eric Worre has positioned himself in the right place at the right time, leading to his current status as the most knowledgeable and professional Network Marketing experts in the world. Of course, you’ve heard things like this before. You’ve heard that someone is “the best” and the term is used so loosely in blogs and articles that it has taken on the form of a meaningless buzzword. But what if I were to tell you that Eric Worre’s sales organization reaches over 60 countries around the world, has over half a million distributors and pulls in more than...[Read More]

Graphic Design – Topography and Images to Present Information

Meaning Graphic design is process of visual communication using topography and images to present information and attract people. It gives an interesting mix of presenting varied information in attractive formats to increase the overall users’ base. Whether you are reading your morning papers or commuting by a public bus, or open a book to read, element of graphics can be seen every where. It gives a great way to express your thoughts, ideas and opinion to reach millions of other users. This creative process involves different formats of graphics, which are easily available in today’s world: Logos Logo is an important form of graphics that conveys lots of ideas to its readers and users. A logo provides identify to the vision and the purpose of the organizations or any other agen...[Read More]

What Is Business Analytics Training?

Analytics is using resources to analyze and draw conclusions on data that allows predictions to be made about future activity. Getting business analytics training will help to boost an analytics career. It will teach you all the basic concepts of statistics. The training helps you to determine the underlying patterns in the data to allow the best decision-making, which is data-driven. The use of tools such as Microsoft Excel and the knowledge you will acquire during the training along with the analytics certification will provide you notable success in your career. 1. Benefits The benefits of business analytics are being found in every possible field and in various industries. The benefits of business analytics are in the information technology industry (IT), human resource management (HR)...[Read More]

How to Enhance Your Page Rank in Quick Time?

If you are in the online business or need your website to assist in your business you need to have a good web ranking. You will need to use a good search engine optimization tool for this. Your website may be good but you are among millions in the business and will need an web SEO tool to appear high on the page ranks. There is a saying that there are no shortcuts in life but there are a few ways in which you can enhance the page rank of your website in quick time: Hire an SEO Expert – Hiring an search engine optimization expert is the best way as they tend to understand internet marketing better than you. Your keywords, title and description may not be attracting enough traffic and and might need a change. This kind of optimization is known as on-page optimization. Your keywords and...[Read More]

Personal Branding: As Important As Having a Business Card or a Bio

The 60’s Rock Era group the Who, who have been brought back into current day with their hits that are being used on popular TV series, once said “Who are you… who who…. who who????” This song is being used on the popular TV show CSI. In that show they refer to the discovery of who the identity of that episodes dead person is and everything about Who they really are. In real life, that song is still relevant. Who are you… Who Who… Who Who?? That is what people are asking when they want to know more about you by using Google, Yahoo and other search engines. They somehow have received your name and need to know more about you. You might have been at a networking event or party and someone asked about what you do and you hand them a business card. What...[Read More]

How to Become a Successful Commodity Trader

The major league of trading Being a commodity trader is like playing in the major leagues. You better have the proper training and experience, or you simply do not have a prayer of being successful in the long run. This market tends to move fast, and there is incredible leverage. As an example, if you acquire one futures contract of corn, you actually control 5000 bushels. This means every one cent move is worth $50.00. I see the stock market as the minor league, but it still has a high degree of difficulty. I trade both the futures market, and the stock market. In this article, I will share with you some good, solid information on how to make money as a commodity trader. The big 3 You need to have a successful trading plan. It is important to have the plan fit your personality, as much as...[Read More]

How to Spot a 419 Scam

Brief Background of 419 Scams This is a very brief description of a 419 scam and I will not even scratch the surface here. Several aspects of the 419 scam goes beyond the scope of this article and I plan to discuss them in future articles. The 419 scam (Nigerian Four-One-Nine) got its name from the article of the Nigerian Criminal Code dealing with fraud. Scammers often demand upfront payments for dubious reasons like processing fees, legal expenses or to bribe certain officials, therefore the scam also became known as Advance Fee Fraud. A 419 scam starts with an unsolicited e-mail from a scammer promising a huge sum of money, but the scammer will create the impression that you need to make a couple of upfront payments before you can lay your hands on this non-existent fund. These upfront ...[Read More]

Ideas For a Home Based Business – 3 Benefits of Starting an Unclaimed Money Business

What is Unclaimed Money? Unclaimed money is any money, property or asset that has been deserted by the original owner. Some examples of unclaimed assets are court payments, uncashed payroll checks, life insurance policies and any type of bank account. There is a business opportunity for finding unclaimed assets. Also, this business idea should be added to your list of ideas for a home based business. There is a lot of information about reconnecting people with lost money in the media. Most people could use some extra money and would jump for an opportunity to claim some owed money. In addition, unclaimed money is simply forgotten money. It’s pretty much money that’s waiting to be found and distributed to the rightful owner. Furthermore, this article will cover the benefits of s...[Read More]

How to Get Your Share in Internet Marketing – Online Business Help

Why you should look into getting your share in Internet Marketing and see if it’s something you should be doing. Let’s look at some of the online business help that you can use to start an Internet business. You can get a fully functional web business online for a fraction of what it would cost for a regular business. Step 1: Don’t fall for every so called easy money plan that you come across. Think about it, if it was that easy we would all be rich and our money would be worthless. Be thankful that it is not that easy so the “money for no work people” will get weeded out. Plan on working for your money! Step 2: Learn to build your own website. This will be the entry way to your online business, so spend a lot of time on it and get it looking good and inviting...[Read More]

Want To Make Your Website Visible? Avoid These Following Mistakes

Competition is increasing and you need to step out of the comfort zone to match the level of competition present in the market. Though it is easier said than done and you need to know all the tricks of the trade to attain the goal. Having a website is important and so is its promotion. You need to explore all the avenues to find out the right way that delivers you the expected results. But while doing the SEO or Google Promotion, we all made some mistakes that one can easily avoid. So, here is the list of some silly mistakes you stop doing from now to make your website visible on the very first page of the Google. So, let’s get started. Don’t Spin Your Article: Content is the soul of your website and if it is copied and irrelevant, so, it may not only disappoint the readers, bu...[Read More]

6 SEO Best Practices for Ecommerce

It is no longer a secret that the ecommerce business in the Arab world is growing significantly on a yearly basis. Recently, Payfort generated a detailed ecommerce report , stating that the number of online buyers in the region increased by 14% between 2014 and 2015. This growing opportunity is encouraging retailers to join the trend of selling their products online. As a web agency with an experience that made us to create a cost-effective ecommerce solution , we advise every retailer in the region to consider selling online. Merchants are aware of this trend, so sooner or later the competition will grow further more. Therefore, shop owners would want to gain an advantage over the competition. In order to build a successful online store, an investment in marketing should be done, and more...[Read More]

Top Five Most Popular SEO Tools

Today, SEO tools have become a vital part of our lives when it comes to all the aspects of search engine optimization and website promotion. The following are the top five most popular SEO tools used worldwide: IBP (iBusiness Promoter) v11 IBP is a website promotion software tool that has won several awards for its aptness when it comes to achieving high search engine rankings effectively. This state-of-the-art tool helps in optimizing web pages for the most up-to-date search engine algorithms. This modern tool not only provides custom-tips for on-page optimization but also submits your website to key search engines routinely and keeps a constant check on your website's ranking. IBP comes with an exclusive one-year money back guarantee, if the product fails to reach the top ten ranking...[Read More]

Cleaning Business Success Factors – How to Earn a ‘Six Figure’ Income

The cleaning business offers numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs to get started with their own profitable businesses. But while some players can quickly scale up to a considerable income from their business, others have trouble getting their business off the ground and struggle to make a living wage. Clearly there are factors that separate the ‘six figure’ players from the rest. Let’s look at the earnings potential in the cleaning business and examine some of these success factors. In your first year of business, assuming that you are cleaning full-time without hiring any employees it is reasonable to expect to earn an income of anywhere between $15,000 and $35,000. For those that study the business thoroughly and work on growing a profitable system rather than treat...[Read More]