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Month: October 2018

Asians and Australian Stake Claim For The Top 3 Spots of Design Genius

And then there were three… Thartchaieni Singam from Malaysia, Vietnamese-Australian Tung Vu, and Jack Leeson from Australia, have outlasted the 6 other designers from across the globe vying for the distinction of becoming the next Design Genius. For four weeks, 9 up and coming designers from UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands, have been competing for a chance to win $20,000 cash prize and the title of ‘Design Genius.’ They have made fabulous outfits and accessories made from baby bottles, to garden hoses, and even edible items from the movie concession stand, staying true to the nature of the competition in ‘making the unimaginable, fashionable.’ With crippling time constraints, obscure materials and unpredictable inspirat...[Read More]

Standard Operating Procedure – Key to Franchising

Just as I told you before, to have your business fanchised, you’ll need everything on your business to be standardized. This is why you should develop documents of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). With a good SOP you won’t be bothered by your franchisee asking how to operate the store, how to pay their employee’s salary, etc. You could compiled and explain everything they need to run the business in the SOP document. SOP is made as detail as possible, so even people with no clue about running a burger outlet (assume this is a burger franchise) could be an expert on the business just by reading the manual. Yeah, it’s just like the manual book included on your notebook, reading this SOP as a manual to run the business is a smart way for a franchisee. SOP documents ...[Read More]

World Wide Dreambuilders Review – A System for Amway

World Wide Dreambuilders was founded in 1997 by Ron and Georgia Lee Puryear and is a leading organisation in network marketing promotions for Amway Global. The bulk of Amway’s total sales are generated from Independent Business Owners (IBO’s), which are essentially their sales reps. An IBO can build their business in a few different ways. One is by making individual sales to consumers, making a 35% retail mark-up on the products and gaining a commission of 2.9%. Commissions can only be made if the IBO does a minimal of approximately $300 in sales. An IBO can build volume by personal consumption as well, which helps in attaining minimum volume for commissions. IBO’s also get a discount on the products they purchase from their store for internal consumption. Purchases of pr...[Read More]

Web Design – A Guide to Breaking Out in Website Designing

Website designing is a large market to break out in. With the digital age well upon us, it seems like ever person left right and centre is trying to get a break when it comes to technology. There is always someone trying to outdo another, which makes the competition a very large and very difficult thing to overcome. Luckily, you have these tips to follow, ensuring you’re on-par with the competition and in some cases, get you noticed by the bigger fish in the designing pond and start your website design path today. 1. Keep it simple – Colours and flashy logos can be enjoyable, but after a while it can become an eyesore for frequent viewers of your site. This could eventually deter others from visiting and eventually avoid your site altogether. In some cases, having a sleek desig...[Read More]

Merchants Services Companies Are Vital in Setting Up Your Business for Credit Card Processing

When you open a new business it is very important for you to learn about merchant accounts. A merchant account is what is used to process credit cards through your location and receive deposits of these transactions in your bank account. Merchant services are extremely useful for new businesses and online businesses because they can enable the owner to process credit cards as a method of payment. Most customers prefer to pay with their credit card because it’s easier, faster and will allow them to defer their payments if they choose to. In the online business world, credit cards are vital. Online businesses can go international with the help of a merchant account. You can get merchant services from companies called merchant service providers. They can be independent or linked to cert...[Read More]

Search Engine Optimization

Do you have the best designs for your website? Just having an appealing design for the website is not important. It makes no sense if you just have a good looking website but no visitor to view it. You need to build up a website that not only visits visitors but also help you derive sales on a regular basis. To put this in simple words you need to make people aware that you have a website that can help them to meet the relevant needs. Search Engine Optimization is an effective tool that can help you achieve the top most rankings in the search engines and also help to boost your site traffic. There are many sites on the web today that will assure you the best of search engine optimization services. It's all about selecting the right Search Engine Optimization firm that can help your sit...[Read More]

Superdry Clothing – Sizes Explained

The problem is that Superdry sizes ‘appear to be different’ from other brands in the market (I’ve put that in inverted commas for a reason). That and the internet is plagued of misleading information on this topic. I’ve decided to sort this out once and for all. Or at least until Superdry change things up again. Superdry is actually very accurately sized. I know you weren’t expecting to hear that so I will explain why. The Problem with Standards There is an international standard for clothing sizes. The International Standards Organization, also known as ISO. They are the governing body for all sorts of standards, including a standard measure for the sizing of clothes. This should, in theory, give us a reference to be able to accurately choose clothes and conv...[Read More]

Selling Krugerrands the Easy Way

The South African gold Krugerrand is one of the most collectible coins. In fact, no coin collection is complete without some of these hardy and valuable gold coins. But selling Krugerrands does require some research to ensure you make a satisfactory profit. The key to successfully selling Krugerrands, and to getting the most value from them, is to know how the gold market is faring. The price of Krugerrands is related directly to the current market price for gold. You can find the current gold price by doing a web search for “gold spot price”. The second half of the Krugerrand value is a premium, which is charged for shipping, handling and mintage. You can see what that is by taking the price of currently listed Krugerrands, and then subtracting the spot price. Those sellers wh...[Read More]

Best 5 Asian Countries That Host Good Hospitals

Medical Tourism is taking people to places and the best part is that they are being benefitted as they get treatment from the best doctors and are open to more options for treatments. Most of the medical tours are now within the budget. You go for whatever you can afford and yet get the best out of the industry. There are countries that are best known for their hospitals and medical treatments. The following is a list of Asian countries that host good hospitals in the world. 1. Malaysia: It is located in the South East Asia and its capital is Kuala Lumpur. The treatments offered by Malaysian Hospitals are Anti-Aging, Bariatric Surgery, Cardiology, Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery, Oncology, Dermatology, Neurology, Orthopedics, etc. The treatments are cost worthy and affordable. They offer great...[Read More]

Asian Culture 101: Tips for Your Next Business Trip to Asia

When speaking about cultures or business etiquette, Asian countries are often grouped together. However, it is not necessarily true that cultures or ethnicities in the same area of ​​the world share the same traditions or values. While there are some similarities in history and culture across Asian countries, each country and the way its people conduct business is unique. The most important thing to remember is to respectful of everyone you meet. If you do not know the right thing to say or do in a business or casual setting, ask rather than make an incorrect assumption and offend your hosts. Demonstrating that you are interested in learning and abiding by their norms is one way to show respect. However, even if you can not learn or adapt to all the traditions of these many countries, here...[Read More]

Top 10 Ways For Your Email Newsletters Marketing Plan to Boost Your Business Income

Having an email newsletter for your growing business is vital for online success. Each time I send my email newsletter out I get direct sales online, phone orders and people specifically coming along to events because they read it in the newsletter. For me the newsletter brings in money and is a great way to promote the business to thousands of customers every time. So here are 10 ways for how an email newsletter marketing strategy can bring more money into your business. With an email newsletter you can: 1. build a relationship with your customers as well as potential customers 2. Regularly communicate with your customers and potential customers news about the business – expos, designs, sales, events etc 3. educate your customers about your products and services so they know why you...[Read More]

Why Hire Web Design Professionals

The internet has irreversibly changed the world as we know it. We are connected via virtual interfaces and we can send and receive info faster than ever. It goes without saying that when designing a website, there are certain standards and rules to be met. A professional web designer knows those fine details. But there are more to it. Hiring a pro will help your website gain online visibility, be interactive and much more. Find out why you should hire web design professionals. 1. A web designer is familiar with latest technologies, standards and design rules. Furthermore, working with an agency will keep the website updated. This means implementing new menus, new scripts, new database entries and so on. If you are not an expert, you do not realize the amount of work needed to keep a websit...[Read More]

Ecommerce From the Customer's Point of View

This research paper will compare and contrast the characteristics of the traditional brick and mortar (B & M) shopper with those of the online shopper. Additionally, research will identify the similarities and differences between the virtual and the real-world customer. Distinguish the difference between the world of e-commerce and the real world in terms of customer communications. Determine which traditional customer communications can and can not be successfully ported to the world of e-commerce. Assess what new communications techniques are exclusively available in the world of e-commerce. And demonstrate how the use of multimedia technologies creates effective e-commerce websites. Discussion of customer communication strategies and real-world examples will be presented. Compare an...[Read More]

Tips For Search Engine Optimization

For your website to be picked up by Search Engines, it needs to be keyword rich. Your content needs to be unique and related to the subject that your website represents. It will need to contain keywords or the words that someone will use when they do a search to find the products or services you are offering. It is very important that you do proper keyword research that reflects to your website and it is also recommended not to use more than 5 keywords in your meta tags. One good way of getting higher rankings is to write articles about the product or service that your website is promoting. The content of the articles should also be keyword rich and relate to your website. Then you can post these articles in Article Submission sites with a link back to your website. Sign up for forums and ...[Read More]

Successful Brand Strategy Development

Fabricating A Brand Strategy Typical brand models in the marketplace have been formulated to generate the framework required to build an impressive label that will be in a position to withstand market trends and competition through the test of time. The start of any marketing business entitles the preliminary steps of brand strategy development. In order to develop a solid brand one needs to take strategic steps to make sure their brand represents the purpose of the business and product. Branding is a product of intenet planning and conceptualization. To come up with innovative marketing ideas and an effective way to brand your merchandise, you need to carefully map your starting point ideas where you are now on toward your destination. By doing this you will also take heed of the vital as...[Read More]