21yo Local Woman Complains About 13yo Neighbour For Being “Too Obsessed” With Her


For most of us, our childhood crush was either a classmate or an upperclassman from the same school. However, there are a few who had crushes on someone older than them – but how would you react if you were on the receiving end? That is what this local woman is asking netizens.

Shared anonymously through a confessions page on Twitter, a 21-year-old woman revealed that her 13-year-old neighbour has a crush on her, despite the eight-year age gap. She shared that he would always look for her whenever he returned from school and before heading to school in the morning. Unfortunately for her, the boy’s mother would also enable his crush by saying, “If you still don’t have a partner, my son is available.” She continues to lament about the crush, even asking if there’s such a thing as the opposite of paedophilia, perhaps to describe the situation.


Netizens have reacted to the woman’s sharing, expressing different views of the woman’s situation. Many believe the boy is going through puberty and his crush towards the older woman is merely a phase. Some said he would probably outgrow it soon, like one netizen who said she experienced a similar situation. Some even shared their experiences of liking an older person when they were the boy’s age, saying that it’s normal behaviour on his part.

However, others have expressed concern about how the boy’s mother dealt with his crush, even encouraging a relationship between the boy and the woman. Many said that the parents should be more strict at establishing boundaries for their children and whom they interact with, especially given that the boy is a minor. Some netizens also condemned the comments by others telling the woman to give the boy a chance, calling it inappropriate.


What do you think about this? Should the 21-year-old be concerned about the boy’s feelings? Or are netizens right to say that it’s just a phase?

Source: Twitter

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