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3 08 2018 Internet Dominator Call – Program Intro Tricks and Keeping Your Business On Top With SEO

3 08 2018 Internet Dominator Call – Program Intro Tricks and Keeping Your Business On Top With SEO

When you have a program such as the ACT to discuss where people can’t jump in, you need someone who can relate to it.

Try recording each week and when someone new joins you can ask your audience if they want to review the prerecorded program. Promotion helps when you review where you are in the program and what’s next.

From the learning and training perspective of SEO, it makes a difference when you have the outline and structure together.

The next thing you can do is to create demand and desire for program learning. If you know what they want and put that in each step of the program then that will increase your lifetime customer value.

You also need to have a back-end on whatever type of business you have. If you acquire affiliates that will offer things that enhance your product then it improves the customer experience.

Tell yourself that they’re coming to me for something and they are paying me for assistance, the goal is to get them the results that they need and for them to refer you.

In terms of improving your business through SEO, you need to make sure that your site has all the information that the customer needs

Autopilot can give you a lot of information about what your customers want from your site and there are programs that can help you with that.

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