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30 Or 60 Days No Contact Rule? When To Break No Contact!

30 Or 60 Days No Contact Rule? When To Break No Contact!

The question of should you do 30 or 60 days of no contact is a great question that needs to be figured out immediately if you’re contemplating getting or attracting back an ex. It’s a great question you should be able to answer after reading this article.

As you’ve probably read and learned already, the importance of the no contact rule in getting your ex back is extremely paramount. If you can use the no contact rule, please don’t forget that fact.

However, if you’re asking how long is no contact, it really depends on how fast can you grasp and implement the strategy of getting your ex back. This also means how fast can you apply these principles during the no contact rule.

The shorter you decide to use no contact means the less time you have in getting over the breakup, and learning the principles of getting and attracting an ex back after the no contact rule. Learning this strategy should be done during no contact.

Too many forget this fact. 30 days may be too short, and 60 days may be too short. If you’re still bitter, needy, and desperate after 60 days, you’re not ready to try to re-attract your ex back again.

The keyword is “attraction,” here. You attracted your ex in the beginning, but you also lost it as well. In order to get back together with your ex, you have to re-attract them.

Attraction is a process. Getting your ex back and re-attracting your ex is also a process. Too many forget that fact, but it’s a process just like everything in life.

When to break no contact? Should it be 30 days or 60 days of no contact? The truthful answer to that question is when you’re ready!

How do you know you’re ready? You’re ready when you did everything you were suppose to do during the no contact rule. You’re ready to reconnect with your ex again when you know the strategy to re-attract your ex and get them back.

Not to mention keep your ex also. What’s the point of getting back together with your ex only to lose them again after a few weeks or months.

If you’re asking the question of when to break no contact, you’re obviously not ready. You obviously didn’t get great advice on the no contact rule nor did everything you were suppose to during that period.

Source by Vinny Jones

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