38 Female Victims Accuse Local Photographer Of Sexual Harassment


Old skeletons often have a way of coming out into the open. On Friday (17th November), a netizen who goes by @chuisshxrxn took to Twitter to expose a photographer from Kuching, Sarawak of sexually harassing his female models, including herself. The model recalled that she worked together with the Sarawakian man on a boudoir photoshoot when he suddenly kissed her at one point during the session.

“He said I didn’t look aroused enough. I repeatedly said ‘No’ but he was under the impression that my ‘No’ means ‘Yes’ like one of those Japanese porn he’s been watching,” the victim wrote. Much to her horror, after first sharing her story on Instagram, many came forward to share that they too were harassed by the same photographer. Here are their stories:


@chuisshxrxn provided more screenshots of messages she received on both Instagram and Twitter from victims, mainly models who have worked with the accused photographer. One girl claimed that the photographer touched her waist during a photoshoot without her consent while another shared that he kept focusing on her breast in the photos. While sharing these stories, the original poster kept tagging the accused to warn others of his predatory behaviour.

Apart from sexually harassing his models, the offender allegedly scammed them by not paying up for the photoshoot sessions. @chuisshxrxn also revealed that a few victims lodged several police reports against the photographer before the Movement Control Order (MCO) but sadly, there has been no update since. In the same thread, it was also revealed that the photographer threatened to sue the first victim for speaking out about his wrongdoings.


A total of 38 victims have come forward so far with similar stories of either being sexually harassed, scammed or both by the same photographer. While there were those who blamed the victims for agreeing to do a sexy photoshoot with the accused, many came to their defence saying that the nature and concept of a photoshoot does not warrant anyone to be sexually harassed.

As for the accused photographer who goes by Ahmad Zaim or @onni_channn, he has since deactivated his social media platforms apart from LinkedIn after more victims came forward to share their stories. As for legal actions, @chuisshxrxn said that many of the victims have filed police reports against him but nothing was ever done by the authorities. Fortunately, she contacted the Sarawak Women For Women Society for help and they agreed to offer their assistance.


At the time of writing, there has been no update on the case. We sincerely hope that all victims will receive the help they need for their trauma.

Sources: Twitter, Instagram

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