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4 Essential Ecommerce Solutions Features For Stores Selling Sunglasses

4 Essential Ecommerce Solutions Features For Stores Selling Sunglasses

As you may already know, ecommerce solutions come with loads of features that can sometimes be quite overwhelming. Although a shopping cart software comes with almost everything but the kitchen sink, you do not have to use all the features on offer.

The first thing you need to do is look at the products you are selling from the customers' point of view. Then ask yourself what factors would help you decide to buy the product. Perhaps you would like to see more images. Maybe you would like a closer look at the product. Could a video help? Would reviews be more convincing?

Lets take sunglasses as an example. Sunglasses are not just about protection, they are about style. When it comes to style, the more images of the product available the better.

Alternate Products Images
Usually, ecommerce solutions not only offer merchants different display sizes for their products, they also allow merchants to display different product images. Some shopping cart software allow up to 4 different product images to be displayed.

You can display the same products in different viewing angles. You can also display them in different option colors. It does help if you have shots of the products being used so customers can rough figure out how they might look those glasses.

Product Zoom Tool
Most ecommerce solutions offer this feature for free. With this feature enabled, your customers can easily take a closer, more detailed look at your product. Some sunglasses like the Ray-Ban Wayfarer Rare Prints collection have unique prints on them. The product zoom tool will help customers decide which prints might suit them better.

YouTube Video Embed
If you have a YouTube channel for your store, embed individual product videos in their respective product pages at your store. A 30 second video may feature not only the product but also the accessories that come with it. In the case of sunglasses, this may include the packaging, casing, micro fiber cleaner and in some cases, alternative lenses or lens filters. You can also include tips on how to spot a fake in the very same video. It is this kind of information which can persuade a viewer to make a purchase at your store.

Product Review
Shoppers trust other shoppers. You can do an in-house review to get the ball rolling but remember to invite your shoppers to leave a product review. Do not be afraid of displaying negative reviews. Look at those reviews as an opportunity to show that you care for your customers by offering a positive reply.

To summarize
There are many more features available in typical ecommerce solutions that will help you sell more products. If you are selling sunglasses, get started with this four first. You can explore the rest of you shopping cart features later.

Source by Harry Goldberg

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