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5 Features Without Which Your E-Commerce Website Is Incomplete

5 Features Without Which Your E-Commerce Website Is Incomplete

E-commerce websites have added a new dimension to Internet browsing. There has been a significant rise in Internet usage because of the popularity of e-commerce websites. With such sites becoming responsive and multi-device and multi-platform friendly, more and more people have taken to this new method of shopping. If you are planning to run an e-commerce website, not only do you need to understand the market dynamics but also how your website should look and function.

5 Must-Have Features in E-Commerce Websites

1. Minimalistic Design with Catchy Logo: An attractive website is not about having cluttered elements on the home page. Today this designing style is passe. For an e-commerce website, you need to build a minimalistic design. This means that although the website would be loaded with information in the form of images, videos and content, it should look spacious to the user. It is also very important that the website has an attractive logo that can catch the attention of the people. A logo needs to be designed after considering several things such as your business goals, what kind of products / services you sell, etc. Ideally a website should be versatile, unique and should be able to stand out in the crowd.

2. Easy Checkout with Free Shipping Facilities: Remember that the ultimate aim of running an e-commerce store is to sell your products and services. It does not make sense if you have huge traffic yet not buyers. An important feature of an e-commerce site is the checkout process. When you are developing your e-commerce website, make sure that you have an easy, one-page checkout system in place. The payment process should be through a secure gateway. It is also very important to offer free shipping for most of your items. Although most e-commerce site ship free only after a certain amount, free shipping has become an important feature consumers look for in a site.

3. Product Placement and Promotions: An e-commerce store which does not offer discounts, coupons or freebies does not find consumers. One of the primary reasons why e-commerce sites are so popular is because they sell products at low prices; they offer incredible offers and irascible discounts. Another important feature of an e-commerce website is product placement. While designing a website, it is very important that there is a facility to highlight the product properly. There should be provision to view the product image in different angles. Produce description videos are also becoming very common.

4. In-built Search Engine and Login Options: An e-commerce website should have an in-built search engine so that users can easily look up for any product or service. Developing an advanced search engine is always a good idea. Such a search engine can help users search for products on various factors such as category of products, price range, brands, size etc. Since a consumer has to have a financial transaction through the e-commerce site, it is important that your site has a login option. This helps users to visit the website on various occasions and customize their shopping carts, check their past transaction, track current orders etc.

5. Social Media Marketing: If e-commerce is one side of the coin, social networking sites is the other side of the same coin. Research has shown that more than 20 per cent users visit e-commerce site through social networking sites. Social networking sites help increase traffic too. Additionally, these sites can be used as promotional tools. Thus, social media marketing essentially means using the social networking sites to connect with the users / customers, informing them about the products and services and providing a platform for them to offer direct feedback.


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