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5 Simple Tips For Improving Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy

5 Simple Tips For Improving Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy

There are a variety of things you can do, to increase your traffic flow to your website. Here are five techniques you can use:

1. Add Keywords in the Structure of site

Keywords are words that are used in search queries more than others. You can usually put in these keywords in critical areas of your site structure.

By placing these keywords in specific locations on your website structure, you will increase the ability of the search engine to find the page they are placed in, during a search. This in turn increases traffic to you site by default.

The critical areas of your site structure to include keywords are as follows:

a.The site domain name should have a keyword in it.

Keyword as part of your domain name is terrific on getting your website noticed by the search engines.

b. Your pages names should include keywords.

Page names can include keywords too, so if the domain is missed on the search query, the page will be found instead.

c. Include keywords in your "Meta tags", which include keyword description and site description.

These are found in the HTML code of your site. You have to access them, by doing a "Source" view of the page. The keyword description will be a list of keywords you want to use. The site description will be a simple sentence or two that someone who finds your site listing in a search, would see. It should describe your site and include a keyword or two. Copy your source to a Notes page or some other text editor, and add in the keywords to the meta tags. Then load the page back to your site.

d. Each of the headers, subtitles, and sub titles of the content on each page should include keywords.

This can be done when you create the content of your site. While you can do this in the HTML view, you could just add them in when you write the content.

e. The first and last sentence on a page should include at least the primary keywords you have chosen.

However, keep the keyword density or frequency in the content to be around 8% and keep it a natural flow. The content should be around 1000 words, but not much longer.

f. Finally, on the images, create names, possibly with keywords and place keywords in the alt tag descriptors.

2. Increase the number times the search spiders crawl your site by using ping sites.

Having ping sites send out a touch to your site when you add something new, will cause a search engine to become aware of activity occurring on your site.

This can be done manually when you post a new article or content on your site. Go to the following websites, enter your sites name and then click the ping button.





King Ping


This will notify blog directories and search engines that your website has new content, and therefore worth crawling / visiting. This will increase some traffic to your site because it will now be notified for ranking purposes.

3. List Your site with Directories.

Directories of web sites provide a way of obtaining links to your site because directories are looking for new sites to list. A lot of them do not charge you to list your site, but some of them charge or at least will expect your site to link back to them.

Start with Open Directory Project / DMOZ. They will review your submission to approve adding you into their directory. It could take some time to do this because a lot of sites are trying to do the same thing. You can look for others to do the same thing with or look for submission tools to make this easier.

4. More Links to your site.

The other thing you can do manually is to create links from other sites to your website. Writing articles and posting those on important sites, such as eZine, can do this. In those articles, include links to your site or in the resources area for the article. The link does not have to be just your website home page URL, but could also be to a post or related article on your site. You want at least 30 links all from different articles and / or different sites to have a better ranking in search results and then get more traffic to your site.

5. Use Social Bookmarking to link to your site.

Sign up on as many social marker sites as you can. When you create an account, put in as much detail about your website as you can. Then begin the process of bookmarking as explained on the sites. Bookmark on the first page and on the second page, and on the next page and so on.


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