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7 Characteristics of Forex Markets

7 Characteristics of Forex Markets

What is Forex? is the electronic medium of which one nation's currency is exchanged for that of another country. Another question, is Forex market mean for every Jack and Harry? My answer is capital NO. Forex is a market of choice for those interested in trading as a profession and have the stomach to absorb financial risk or losses. Highlighted below are the characteristics of the market.

1. Liquidity: The market is highly liquid with money on the table round the clock (24/7/365) and your profiting from the market then depends on your planning ability.

2. Tradable: Although, many treaties are inter-play in the market, but there are few tradable where the big dog hits their big target. In fact, there are four (4) dominant currency pairs and you need to specialize in one.

3. Equality: There is an equal playing field. That is the profit potentials in the market is equal for all players irrespective of the market situation whether bullish or bearish.

4. Manipulation: This is the only market known to man which is not subject to price manipulation. So, there is no entities that can adjust the market price to their favor.

5. TA: In this market, pure Technical Analysis work best compare to other market analyzes or indicators.

6. Investment: You need a less capital or cash to start-up this business in comparison with other investment channels and their return on investment.

7. Leverage: Here, you have opportunity to trade with greater leverage as oppose to other markets. The minimum leverage is 100: 1 and you can trade with greater leverage provided you know how to take care of the back sword (adverse effect).

Source by Adewale Olofinnika

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