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7 Secret Tips for Branding Your Market

7 Secret Tips for Branding Your Market

Putting an Identifying Brand on Your Business often breathes terror into the minds of business owners, but it does not have to frighten you. There are several simple ways of putting a brand on your business that brings clients back and keeps you in the forefront of their thoughts, when they need products or services you provide.

Pull together a list of things that will help build your Brand.

1. Know your Business Purpose

What is the purpose of your business? Answer that question in ten words or less, and you suddenly have a purpose you can spout as an Elevator Speech. It's a simple process, and once you have it, the value multiplies exponentially. You can not beat a good elevator speech for relaying your purpose of business.

2. Claim your Identity

Once you have your purpose down to an Elevator Speech, you'll want to focus in one or two terms that Identify your business. It might be your business name, or it might be two words that are not part of your business name that you use to identify your business.

For instance: A business called The Tax Office and the brand is "Full Service Accounting". Both the name of the company and the 'brand' identify the business, online and in the local community.

3. Focus on your Vision

Visualize your business as an office, not just any office, but the office you'd like to work in, and perfect that vision. See the business in your mind's eye, and focus on the part of the business that says "I'm Successful."

Your success focus could be anything, from the chair behind your desk to an ornament on the wall, but focus on that item and find the form that makes it say Success to you.

4. Add Color Power

Back there in the Vision, you probably had a sense of color, pull that color out and add it to your list. This color should speak Success. For me, the colors that speak Success are Purple, Red, or Blue. Whenever, I put together a business lead or header, I think of the colors that speak Success to me and somewhere in the design, I incorporated that color in a significant form.

5. Breath Life into Your Brand

Motion brings your brand to life. Not necessarily movement, sometimes that is distracting, but the illusion of motion breathes life into your Brand. You'll want to incorporate something that moves, into your brand.

For instance: The Nike Swoop looks to flow and move. It is a solid line, no motion, but it flows.

6. Make it Memorable

Your brand must be seen in a flash, and identifiable after it's disappeared to be memorable. Graphics that speak loud, and fast, make a hit impact. The best way to keep your ad flashing in their mind is to make it highly visible with contrast and design.

Be sure to keep your brand simple enough to be recognized.

7. Simply Bring Them Back

This indicates to memorability. When your brand uses all of these items, and is readily recognized, it will bring people back to see more of what you have to offer.

Ask your clients if they remember your logo? If they do, ask them what they remember.

Simple brands that use color, design, motion, and purpose are readily recognized. Make it work, by creating a brand logo that keeps your business in front of your customers.


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