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7 Social Media Icons That Look Cute

7 Social Media Icons That Look Cute

Website for every business is a must. Whether you run a one-man show or a full fledged industry, you can not ignore the effect of Internet on your business. There are only a few good firms that dominate the London web design scenario. So when you get your London web design company working on the back-end programming of your site, do not forget to ask them to make your pages social media active by including these icons –

1. The Latte Feel Remember Me? The current latte selection is supported by only four sites – Digg and StumbleOn are the rest two, and really look good on a food blog or website.

2. The Ancient Look Vintage is always in. You can not deny the attractiveness of these textures that draws the eye. They've made a great fit for an automobile site or blog.

3. Go Green Yeah! I like the 'green' social media icons too as these save the hassle of declaring separately on the blog that I love nature and its plants. Try the grass icons of Twitter, Facebook and Digg. If you do not know how to put them, a London web design company can possibly help.

4. Use Vectors Good to use if you plan to insert more than 5 social media icons on your blog or web page. They're simple but very clean, and with the slightly raised look add a fine dose of texture.

5. Solve the mystery Have you seen the 'puzzle pieces' of common social icons? If your site is all about mysteries or puzzles, it makes sense to use them.

6. Cushion to make you comfortable How about snuggling up with Facebook? / nah! Not a very good idea but the cushion social media icons do look good if your site is about home furnishing and you would not find many web design companies in London which can embed it with elegance on your site.

7. Let Picasso share his magic Had Digg been a Spanish invention, you would have seen Picasso's effect on its logo long before. Well, Facebook and LinkedIn have Picasso's effect too and offer special icons that can be used by sites dealing in paintings or other artefacts.

Source by Nitima S

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