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7 Top Marketing Tips For Dentists

7 Top Marketing Tips For Dentists

When advertising by professionals became legal in the middle of 70s, dentists were among those who had more options for promoting their services to increase their patient base. When the internet was introduced, however, the avenues which dentists could use to advertise became far-reaching and diverse. Today, dentist SEO marketing is an important resource for dentists who use the advantages of the internet to reach out and get the attention of more potential patients. Search Engine Optimization is the key to getting the right people to the professional’s sight.

Top 5 Tips for Successful Dentist SEO Marketing

1. Many patients put off going to the dentist in fear of the pain. Incorporate keywords about pain-free and sedation dentistry to attract patients who are looking for a comfortable, less stressful experience.

2. One of the most important dentist SEO marketing strategies you can use is to provide a lot of information on the “About Us” page. Potential patients want to know that you are qualified, but a whole lot more. Let them know what you offer that sets you apart from every other dentist in the area. They don’t want to know the struggles that you encountered on your way to get where you are today. They want to know what you are offering that will benefit them.

3. Make yourself available to them. Offer free consultations for a chance to visit your office and get to know your entire dental team. They need to feel like they are important to you and that you will take steps to provide them with the best possible care.

4. Create a newsletter that features coupons and specials so that they can take advantage of savings if they beat the deadline. If they feel that they have to react quickly, they are more likely to respond.

5. Focus on the home page. This is your one chance to make a great first impression. Use pictures of your practice to give it extra appeal. Remember to focus on the main ideas that you want to convey. A bright, perfect smile is a better example than those of dental procedures that may look too realistic!

6. No dentist SEO marketing strategy is complete today without a Facebook fan page. It provides patients a place to talk about your practice and share with others what they liked when they visited your office. There is no better way to increase your patient base than through the referrals of existing patients.

7. Add a blog to your site to provide additional information that covers a wide range of related topics. Include quality content that is search engine optimized to bring more potential patients to your website and provide them with important, interesting information that they will want to read.

The internet is a versatile tool for professionals who want to grow their business without spending a lot of money on a marketing campaign. Following these tips on developing a dentist SEO marketing will help you get the best results for your efforts.


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