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7 Ways to Grow Your Business Doing Webinars

7 Ways to Grow Your Business Doing Webinars

1. Webinars are a great marketing tool to get new customers onboard.

By doing an online presentation you give those who attend your webinar an excellent chance to get to know you, like you and trust you. You introduce yourself and your business to potential clients.

It's a powerful way to get people to know you and trust you enough to become your client, because a webinar is a live, interactive communication with you as a passionate expert.

When you communicate with your subscribers by sending a message or a newsletter via email, it is certainly good for your marketing, but it is harder to get results and sell your products by doing only that. People buy from people they know, like and trust, and this is where webinars come. By doing an online presentation you build your credibility, you give people an excellent opportunity to get that feeling, to build a good rapport with them, to bond with them, to get your ideas across, to resonate to their style of doing business, so That they can start doing business with you.

When you host a webinar your audience immediately see you as a passionate expert about your services, they learn about your achievements, your experience, your knowledge in the field!

There's always an instant assumption that the presenter is an authority figure in their niche if they are able to host a webinar. So think about that!

2. Webinars give you massive leverage.

You can run a webinar with large numbers and there are no geographical boundaries. With a webinar you have an opportunity to spread your word and handle multiple clients at once and from all over the world, not just your own town, city or country, so you interact with a lot of people at the same time, while still offering Great value.

You can find an expert abroad and invite them to speak to your audience on your presentation. This technology allows you to interview anyone you want for a training session. Or to introduce a new product that is coming on the market.

Do you see the leakage and the power? You leverage your time, your resources, your money, your energy, technology, internet – everything.

3. Use webinars as a tool to build loyalty with existing clients.

Webinars are an amazing way to add value to your existing clients because running webinars you give people more access to you which means more interaction.

Not only webinars allow you to communicate with your customers on a more personal level, but they allow you to keep in touch with them after the webinar, because all webinar softwares send a thank you email after your presentation to each of the attendees and invite them To send you a question or feedback.

4. You create a point of difference by doing webinars: not many businesses are using webinars; And even fewer are using them well.

You can stand out by adding them to your service range.

When I spoke to business owners at the Women Mean Business event in Woolwich a few months ago, out of 11 entrepreneurs only 5 know what webinars are. Although they were interested in doing them for their business, none of them were actually doing them in their business at that point, although all of them wanted to.

By doing webinars you go a way ahead of your competitors and your business stands out from lots of others in your niche. This is a great advantage for you!

And this is why it is crucial. According to Google research it currently takes 10,2 interactions between a buyer and a seller before a buyer will open their wallet. So you need to make sure that as many interactions on the way to purchase are taking place with you or your company or your website and webinars serve this purpose very well.

5. Provide customer support or product support using webinars: use webinars to answer customer questions, explain how they can use the product more effectively, and get a feedback. Is not that great to improve your service?

You can offer a more effective service to your clients & even sort out your customers' problems in a timely and efficient manner. And again this takes your business to a whole level because by doing so you create a point of difference.

6. You get more exposure for your business online.

This is what you need to do to achieve this. Record a webinar to create instant products: many webinar services have a recording feature built in, so recording your webinar is really easy.

How can you use the recording? You can send it to those who registered for your webinar but could not come, so they can listen to the recording and still benefit from your service.

I also suggest uploading your webinar recording to your YouTube channel to get people to see it, to attract new customers and get more exposure for your business.

You can make a video out of each part of your webinar presentation and upload them separately. So you will have a whole range of videos and all of sudden you end up with a lot of content by doing just one webinar.

What can you do with all this content? How do you make it work for your business?

You can upload each of your videos on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, your blog or website and because your social media accounts can be connected with each other, all your followers will immediately know and start looking at your content!

Do you see how you can leakage something you have done once?

You have run a webinar once, but you use your webinar presentation multiple times for a variety of purposes to promote and market your business.

One more thing. A webinar recording can be played over and over again, generating income for you on autopilot. You can have as many as 50 different automated webinars playing every day!

7. Webinars can help you sell more of your products and services.

At the end of a webinar, after you've spent 60 minutes giving great content to your webinar attendees, you can make a special offer to them.

Let's speak facts and figures here. Webinars typically outsell written sales letters 10 times over. Now what does that mean? When you send an email with an offer to buy something from you, you can expect on average 1 to 2% of sales. When you sell something on a webinar, a typical conversion rate is between 10 and 20%.

Let me share one of my real live examples. I was selling an online service for $ 27 via email. The email was sent to 1600 people, 20 people bought it. That means the conversation rate was 1.2%. If you want to get more sales, do a "show and tell" webinar, demonstrate live the benefits of your service and the solution it brings. And see your sales soar.

Another example for you. I recently hosted a webinar and invited an expert. That was a test webinar, where we tested a new product. She made an offer at the end of the presentation at the cost of $ 97. Out of 25 attendees, 5 people bought it. The conversion rate was 20%, which is a very good result. Now I know it works, I can do it on a larger scale.

Furthermore, webinars allow you to sell high-ticket offers priced at $ 1,000 and higher, whereas it is difficult to sell products at more than $ 200 directly from a website. As long as you have a good offer and the targeted audience, it is normal to reach a sales point at between 8 and 10% at a $ 1,000 price point.

In figures that mean that if you have 100 targeted attendees on your webinar, you can bring in between $ 8,000 to $ 10,000 in sales from a single webinar! This takes some good practice of course, but it is worth all the effort, is not it?

The fact that more traditional methods of promoting and selling products is less effective than before and the fact that more and more consumers prefer to browse and shop online, make webinars more appealing than ever before as a way to drum up and draw sales.

Source by Irina Milova

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