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8 Block Internet Marketing Formula To Get Your Visitors To Trust You and Give You Money

8 Block Internet Marketing Formula To Get Your Visitors To Trust You and Give You Money

What if I show you how to increase sales of your products and services and also increase your website conversion ratio in just few simple steps.

You need to understand the psychology of internet shoppers if you really want to shoot up your sales. This is what their mind says when he / she visits your website …

1. Can I trust this person, I do not know him?

2. Does he know the subject well enough?

3. Is this a quality product?

4. Who else has used this product and what are their opinions?

5. Is my credit card at risk making payment from this website?

6. Will I get value for the money I pay?

7. Is this website a hype?

There are hundreds of questions floating around in the minds of internet surfers and once they get a systematic satisfactory answer to these questions, you make a sale.

Almost ALL the questions floats around a simple word – Trust.

You have to develop your own image and build your trust and credibility in the eyes of your visitors before you even show them your products and services.

You have to sell yourself before you sell your products and services. Once you have gained their trust they will blindly follow you and purchase almost anything and everything that you recommend from the point you have gained their trust.

So how to get their trust, here are a few pointers to fire your creative juices …

Step 1 – Free eCourse with Follow-Up.

Follow up your visitors. Give them something extremely valuable for free. This is a bait to catch the fish. Get your subscribers to trust you through that bait and then ask for money.

Step 2 – Free Consulting and Advise.

Give them free consulting and advise on the topic relating to your niche. They will consider you as an expert in your niche and grab the products that you recommend.

Step 3 – Free Service.

Give them professional service for free. This will help them to trust you and grab your additional services being your permanent client.

Step 4 – Add Testimonials.

Include reviews and testimonials of your satisfied customers on your website. This helps your visitors to trust your products and services.

Step 5 – Include a Guarantee.

Your product should have a strong guarantee. This can be a money back guarantee or any other guarantee relating to your niche that makes your offer absolutely risk free for your website visitors.

Step 6 – Be Approachable.

Include your complete address, phone number, your pic, fax number, email address, etc on your website. This will allow them to get in touch with you incase they have any questions.

Step 7 – Do not Sound Hype.

Do not hype up your product and services on your website. Include a strong copy that speaks truth, not a sales pitch that sounds too good to be true.

Step 8 – A Professional Approach.

Be professional in whatever you do. It is extremely important to have a professional looking website, professional customer support system, quality autoresponders to follow up your prospects, quality ad tracking system to track your advertisements, quality affiliate management system, etc.

Do not let your website convey your visitors that you're not serious enough to do business with them. Just a few bucks here and there can really improve professionalism of your website.

Make sure you apply these 8 simple steps to boost up the selling power of your website.

Source by Murtuza Abbas

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