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A Marketing Plan for a University

A Marketing Plan for a University

A marketing plan for a university is an important part of the business. This is like any other business in that it must make money to stay afloat. The way to make money is to get more students. While there are many ways you can attract students, here are 3 good things to add to you marketing plan.

1) Outreach to High Schools -The closest schools to you are the high schools. The students will be thinking of which college they would like to attend. Simple outreach programs like tours can offer them an insight into what you have to offer. They will gain a sense of belonging to your school if they feel comfortable and familiar with the campus.

2) Recruiting -There is a powerful system already in place in the college sports industry. It is the concept of recruiting. This is a simple way for athletes to choose a college. There are other types of students that might be good candidates for recruiting efforts. Look to see what funding and scholarships are available and then target those eligible students for recruiting to your university.

3) Internet- The internet will be one of the first places a prospective student will go to learn about your school and college in general. Articles, videos, and blogging are all great ways to get your story out there and show them what the latest developments in your industry are. Use these methods to drive traffic to your website and bolster your enrollment.

The marketing plan for a university is a key component to the overall success of the facility. Take the time to understand how marketing works. An education in advertising strategies will help you graduate to the next class of marketing.


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