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A Meaning to Life for a Meaningful Life

A Meaning to Life for a Meaningful Life

Once I was asked by my friend, “Who loves you the most?”

I replied: “My parents-without a second thought.”

He asked again: “Apart from them?”

Left baffled, I thought it’d be better to say: “I am not sure.”

His curiosity wanted to dig further: “Do you have a friend who can come to help you at just one call even at midnight?”

Feeling the anxiety within, with full arrogance I answered: “I don’t know – how does that matter?”

I wasn’t interested in the conversation anymore. Somehow I calmed, took a deep breath and started talking about the worldly affairs…

He was kind of some analytic, I felt, and so couldn’t restrain his urge to boast: “I do have a friend who shares all his secrets with me. He approaches me first for all of his problems. We can give up anything in life but not our friendship.”

While we were having a talk, I noticed how blessed he was feeling for having a best friend in life (and this is apart from all other best things he was blessed with like his parents, family, money, education, career, health, etc.)

Maybe, he was just sharing his happiness with me but the entire conversation ignited the anxiety in me. Earlier, I never bothered on such topics unless it was brought to the surface by this person. I started thinking, “Who can wake up for me at midnight? Who loves me to the core? Who considers me at the first place in their life always… ” Strange it seems but these thoughts managed to take away my peace of mind.

Each one of us has some zones in our life which are sensitive, which apparently seem important but at the core, they are not. These are the feelings that stimulate the cyclone of thoughts within us but have no roots.

These zones can be money, relationship, life, death, social problems… I consider all of them have some weight in our life but the problem starts when we start assigning too much weight to any of these.

Let me tell you:

After the multiple thoughts in my mind, I met another friend who told me what’s wrong? I asked him the same questions. His answers were the same but the difference was in the feelings and the energy with which he spoke. He didn’t consider it important.

He also said, “I don’t know for all.”

When I saw him so cool, I questioned myself, “Why am I pondering on this so much? Am I over-thinking? Have I gone crazy?”

I felt light-hearted talking to him and the dancing anxiety within me was all gone.

That day made me realise: Why invest my energy and focus on things that apparently count but have no base?

Just changing the direction of thoughts and focusing energy on creative forces instead of diminishing ones helps a lot!

This is true for you too! If you feel you don’t do the same… Take a look if you encountered any of these?

“They are so wealthy, I always wanted the same, when will I be at that position?”

“His parents are so cool, why don’t my parents think the same?”

“He or she has such a happy-go-lucky partner, why don’t I have one?”

“All my friends are married, why am I not?”

“All my pals are earning well, when will I?”

“She has such a flawless body, why god you haven’t blessed me with one like that?”

“Why don’t I get good rewards for the good work done while the others seem to be always happy even after doing wrong things?”

The list is endless.

The point in highlighting this subconscious problem is to help you directing your energies in the right direction.

Now if someone asks me, “Who do you think loves you the most?” instead of naming people, I choose to say, “I don’t know, but I love everyone”

“Who can wake up for you at midnight if you face a problem?”

“I don’t know but I will be there for someone if needed.”

“How will you face the future when hard times hover over your head?”

“I don’t know. All I know is I can pass on whatever I have, I will try making someone’s life better if I can, I will do what best I can for the time being and the rest is all in the hands of the universe. He will take care of everything.”

Go ahead. Change slowly the direction of your thoughts. Instead of asking “What do I have?” ask “What can I give or do?”

The first stage is being aware of these thoughts.

The Next is to change the direction of thoughts.

The Third is continuously implementing the above two.

Trust me, even though I am blessed with knowledge, I still have problems. I do get stuck with negative and unwanted thoughts. I fail badly at times to change the direction of my thoughts. I feel like giving up in life when nothing seems to work…

But this guidance is slowly changing the inner me, never allows giving up so easily and if it can work for me, it will work wonders for you.

Source by Sweety Jain

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