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A Restaurant Business Plan Should Amply Focus on Accurate Age Groups

A Restaurant Business Plan Should Amply Focus on Accurate Age Groups

The booming business of restaurants across the USA attracts lots of new entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals to start their own business. But without a proper restaurant business plan it is essentially next to impossible. You may think that starting a restaurant is rather easy; just look for a suitable place within the business district or in an affluent neighborhood and start your restaurant. But if you look at any sample restaurant business plan, you will come across several constants that can be big departures to exceed without a viable restaurant business plan.

I will try to focus on selecting and how to target market a segment strategy, that is a very vital aspect of how you want to target your potential customers and on what age groups do you really want to converge all your attention.

The Restaurant Business Plan You really Want to Have

As a restaurant is not like a café or food stall from where you can buy cheap items like coffee, biscuits and snacks, it costs the customers a much larger amount to come to a restaurant and dine. So the most appropriate age group to target is between the ages of 28-42. This age group belongs to young professionals, business people and people who have disposable dollars available to dine in a quality restaurant. They often go to a restaurant with their friends / family / colleagues and love to socialize. So most often they spend an amount in the range of 200-300 dollars at each visit.

Your second preference should be the age group 20-28. As this age group belongs mostly to students but not the teen crowd who like to hang out eating fast food, pizza and stuff like that, they lie in a much mature group who wants to lunch and dine in a much sophisticated and elegant place. As most students do part time job and the persons above the age of 24-28 are also likely to have grabbed some decent job after their graduation, this age group can also reap good business to you, provided you can market your services and menu aptly , based on a neatly crafted restaurant business plan. They can spend about 150-250 dollars per visit.

The third age group should be the persons over the age of 60. As most people in this age retire from their job / business, they have ample disposable income from their pension or savings that they can afford eating out at restaurants. They also go to restaurants with their friends and family and can spend in the range of 100-200 dollars per visit which is a decent enough amount for you to consider this age group seriously.

Contact a Reputed company for a Credible Restaurant Business Plan

I hope you will find this article informative about which age group to target and how, based on their preferences, can get you a good restaurant business plan.


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