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A Soap Marketing Plan That Works

A Soap Marketing Plan That Works

A soap marketing plan doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Hobby soap makers can easily and quickly start selling soap and making a nice part-time income. Making handmade soap at home is a fun hobby and one of the very easiest businesses to start. You won’t make gobs of money with a kitchen scale business, but you can make a serious part-time income.

Here’s the idea. Don’t get in too big a hurry to start selling soap. Make sure you’ve got the soap making process under control. Get to the point where your products are consistently just like you like it. You’ll have to plan far ahead so your soap can fully cure before you sell it. Don’t even think about selling soap until your products are just right and well cured.

The fastest way to get started with a small scale soap business is selling at local events like craft shows, fairs and farmers’ markets. Don’t underestimate the potential here. Once you develop your displays and your sales approach, you can move up to larger local shows or pick some bigger regional events. It’s easy to find where these events are. There are several websites and magazines that tell you what the best places are. Start small with local events to learn.

Here’s where most people miss out with soap marketing. Your customers will buy again if your products are really good. Give every customer a nice, cheap little brochure and many will call you and mail your order form back and there you are with orders right from home. Now if you build a customer list, you can mail an offer to your customers. Put together a little cheap catalog and mail to your customers. Money will come right back to you. And do it right and you’ll be shocked at the size of those orders. That’s the way to build a soap business and sell soap without leaving home.

A soap marketing plan doesn’t have to be complicated to generate some real profit. You can sell soap at local events and follow up with your customers. You can build a real business with sales from home in just a short time. Make and sell great soap and stay in touch with your customers and you’ll be amazed how much soap people will buy.


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