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Acceleration as a Major Reason of Failure in the Driving Test

Acceleration as a Major Reason of Failure in the Driving Test

Acceleration is a big necessity for driving. Without it cars would not move and lose their meaning. There are several ways to accelerate a car, but only a few of them are correct and safe. Others can lead to an accident. During the driving test, improper acceleration can cause any driving student to fail. Some acceleration mistakes happen more often than others, and they all make the students very disappointed.

Too fast acceleration is one of the biggest driving mistakes in general. When the driver hits the gas pedal too fast, the car “jumps” and causes everyone in it to swing back and forth. This is a very bad demonstration of driving skills during the driving test. If the student hits another car because of swift acceleration, test failure is assured.

Slow acceleration can be as dangerous as fast one. Every driver is expected to drive as close to the speed limit as possible without posing a threat to others, and slow acceleration lengthens the time until that speed is reached. Slow acceleration shows driving nervousness and lack of confidence on the road. Showing these traits on the road test will not benefit any test applicant and can possible fail him.

Intersection acceleration is vital for driving and the driving test. After entering an intersection, drivers should leave it as quickly as possible. However, some driving students take their time when they go through intersections and don’t mind their surroundings. Even if a fast car is approaching them, they will proceed at their low speed. This is very dangerous and a reason to fail a driving student on the test.

A huge mistake drivers make during their license test is not accelerating on lane changes. Sometimes a tiny speed increase is required to move to another lane. Many student drivers, especially on their driving test, fail to do so and wait forever until they change lanes. This is a serious, repeating issue in many driving tests, and it can mean a new test for the examinee.

Acceleration is a matter of practice. Without enough practice, no driver will be able to pass his driving test, especially not the acceleration part. Every driving student who plans to take the road test should get some good practice with a good guide.

You can find a good guide with an acceleration chapter on the Pass Your Driving Test area of The website also includes a free course with more driving test mistakes and tips.


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