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AdSense – Search Engine Optimization

AdSense – Search Engine Optimization

As explained earlier how to churn out good focused articles, it is also important to optimize the position the ads are placed so as to achieve the maximum click-through rate. Here are some pointers to bear in mind. Ensure that the ads follow the same color schemes as your website so that it does not look too glaring or out of place. Never add a border around the ad to temptation people to click. Simplicity and elegance is the key to go. In summary: try to blend the ads with your website and make them part of it. As mentioned earlier, the ads are closely linked to the topic of the content, which means that by blending the ads into your page, visitors will have more choices and more information as the they are interested in the content of the ad. Practice surfing through some websites and get some points from how other websites place their ads.

Besides optimizing the appearance of your AdSense ads, there are other factors that absolutely decide whether the viewer will click the ad. They are the position at which the ad is placed and the size of the advertisement.

Before we move on, you may want to familiarize yourself with the different formats of ads that Google offers. Many web publishers all generally agree that the wide skyscraper, large rectangle and square are the ones that achieve the greatest clicks. Place the wide skyscraper on the left hand side of the page as people usually associate the left side with navigations and the eye would normally extend its peripheral vision to catch a glimpse of that area and it may be wise to capitalize on that. For the large rectangles, put them at the end of the articles. Place the square ads right below the title but never put them above the title. It gives the viewer the impression that the website is not reliable and that the article is not even as important as the ad. Never make your website look as though it is made for AdSense.

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