Advantages and Disadvantages of the MT4 Platform


MT4 is a trading platform used mainly for forex trading purposes. While it remains a popular choice in this niche, there are always benefits to exploring the advantages and disadvantages of any platform. It has quickly become one of the most popular choices, and there are plenty of reasons to back this up. This will be the key discussion point of the below article, focusing on the positives and negatives MT4 has brought to the world of trading.

What is the MT4 Platform?

The MT4 for PC option is flexible, filled with useful tools, and used by thousands upon. So, what is it? In a nutshell, MT4 is a place for trading. This platform has a multi-purpose function in forex, stocks, CFD, and other assets. It is a go-to place for established brokers in the industry and it provides a wide array of opportunities for anyone making a career in this world.

The Advantages

It has been noted that this platform is an increasingly popular choice, and there are multiple reasons to back this up as shown below.


A major bonus for MT4 is that it allows automated actions. This takes away the hassle and stress from traders of having to be wholly involved in the process during every little nuance that might crop up. When the market changes, so do the trading potentials and the automation provided on this platform ensures no fluctuations are gone unheeded in a completely unbiased manner.


It is expected that information on sensitive servers like this is fully encrypted, and the MT4 platform does not disappoint in this respect. Personal data, financial data, and IP addresses all benefit from the particular mode of encryption and therefore, everything happens in a safe space protected from hackers. It can be accessed from a number of devices including PCs and smartphones and there is no discrepancy in the levels of security on offer.


The degree of flexibility is phenomenal. Newbies and veterans alike benefit from the various tools and charts.

True Reflection of Current Market

Forex estimates especially are updated in real-time. The benefit of this is almost self-explanatory; however, for clarity’s sake, this means traders never lose out on trends in either direction. All information from currency pairs to security infringements is displayed clearly on the platform for anyone to see.

The Disadvantages

While all these advantages are impressive, there are a few drawbacks to the platform worth noting.

Customer Care and Support

There is a regularly cited lack of support for users, despite the various guidance information available.

System Complications

To use MT4 in its best light, traders have to know how to customize and implement their preferences. Without this, the whole process becomes inadequate. The databases are also hard to read on certain occasions.


Overall, the MT4 is a credible contender, and that is why so many traders and brokers flock to it. The real-time market reflections give it a prestige status, it just lacks the basic support requirements that would crown it number one.

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