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Affiliate Marketing Insider – E-Mail Marketing Secrets

Affiliate Marketing Insider – E-Mail Marketing Secrets

Affiliate marketing is among the fastest developing sectors of online advertising with excellent perspectives for the future. E-mail marketing is among the best working instruments of affiliate marketing, showing high levels of conversion, if implemented right.

E-mail marketing is one of the traditional methods of direct marketing, adopted and broadly used by affiliate marketers. It is recognized as highly effective advertising tool by experienced professionals and there is highly recommended to be included in marketing mix.

The overall concept of affiliate business is to receive the highest conversions possible for higher total income from decisions. Savvy affiliate marketer would develop an effective advertising campaign, using all methods at his / her disposal to reach targeted results. Therefore, e-mail marketing would be an excellent choice to include in the marketing mix and directly convey campaign messages.

Attractive product, rich and targeted e-mail list, exciting, provoking-to-action message and creative as well as a clear and user-friendly action platform are the basic instruments to build and implement a successful e-mail campaign.

A successful e-mail campaign in affiliate marketing is based on a carefully created mail list. Obligatory attributes of this mail list are the accuracy of contact details and the relevance to the target group of the promoted product / service. It is also natural that the richer the list is, the better, because the higher number of potential clients is. Here are the best working methods to build a successful list for e-mail marketing:

1. Send an opt-in e-mail to your address book asking them to join your list to receive exclusive offers. Be sure to target with e-mail offers only contacts, relevant to the specific offer

2. Include opt-in forms on every page on your site

3. Include a forward-to-a-friend link in your emails in case your recipient wants to forward your content to someone they think will find it interesting

4. Include a forward-to-a-friend link on every page of your website

5. Include a newsletter sign-up link in your signature of all of your e-mails (therefore, you have to develop a newsletter)

6. Offer a free gift – such as a free report, free physical gift, etc. with the condition to join your mail list

7. Offer e-mail-only discounts

Specialists remind that the building of a list for e-mail campaigns is not a one-time-action, but a process of always being open to identify potential clients and opportunities and act accordingly. So, be sure to always remember that each new contact is a potential client and adopt the habit of assessing people as a part of your target group as well.


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