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Affordable Web Design Tips

Affordable Web Design Tips

Having fresh new web design ideas is very helpful, whether you're planning on developing a new web design or revamping an existing design. They may not all work with your website, but the ones that do have the ability to assist you a lot. Below we have listed just five of the top points for you to consider when your thinking about designing your website or having it re-designed.

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1. Keep your website simple. Try to reduce the number of choices they have on each page. Make it easy for your customers to find their way around your site.

2. Be very clear about what the purpose is for your website, often people try to provide too much information and end up confusing the client rather than helping them. Focus on a couple of items and do these really well.

3. It's best to use minimal fancy graphics. While they can look fantastic and get visitors attention, they may also tire of them rather quickly.

4. Provide a website that is easy for the customer to find the information they are after. It's best not to have too many adverts, special offers or pop ups on your page. Work out what it is that your visit is looking for and provide that service to them. Adverts are fine, but best to have them down the side of the page, so once you've won the customers trust they will want to look at them. The alternate to these is a site specifically designed for adverts, where your customers are coming to the site to buy the item, it's best to provide all the information there for them.

5. People do not like being forced into anything that they do not want to do. So, do not make this the main focus of your website. It's best to not make visitors have to sign in before they can access your information, this may make them close your site all together, and you will loose valuable customers.

Source by Samuel Corneloup

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