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Amega Global Review – Not Just a Wellness Product Manufacturer

Amega Global Review – Not Just a Wellness Product Manufacturer

This Amega Global Review is from a third party this is not affiliated with this company.

Company Overview

Amega Globa started in 2006 and was put together with three companies joining forces. These companies were made up of a wellnes manufacturer, personal development company and an investment firm Amega Global is in the forefront of wellness and energy products as well as E-commerce network marketing. Amega Global manufactures all their products in their own facilities located in Singapore, Australia, South Korea and Malaysia.

The core products that Amega manufactures are designed to help promote the self healing of the body. This means the product works with the body’s chemistry to produce the best results. Amega’s products utilize the body’s natural bio energized magnetic field and this improves circulation and the movement of energy Amega’s product line up includes food, water as well as bracelets that can be worn. One of Amegas most popular products is the Amega Wand which is a zero point energy wand.

Zero Point Energy

The zero point energy wand was discovered by a man called Tesla What Tesla found was that zero point energy is where all energy comes from. The laws that govern zero point energy and quantum physics control the continuance of everything that exists in the world. Scientists have furthered this examination and determined that we have an imbalance in our bodies. At any given point in time, we are in a state of what they consider “disease” that with proper care, can be brought back to the proper balance. This is what the products achieve with the infusion of zero point into the jewelry, food, and water. The full line up of products has been extensively researched and are backed by 25 years of experience in the wellness industry.

Making Money with Amega

So how can you make money with Amega Global. They have incorporated a Network Marketing distribution model into their business. There are three different levels of starter kits that can be purchased. There is the Silver Package that costs between $49 and $199. The Titanium Package is $200-$899, and the available Platinum Package is $900 plus. These packages include the cost to enroll in the program as well as everything in the starter kits.

The “Amega System” is a thorough plan that people can take advantage of. The first commission is made when the product is purchased. When you are an Amega customer distributor, you are able to have a business account and a referral income. This is done by aiding the purchase of the products through family and friends. To take it a step further you can help others that want to distribute the producy themselves and you will have an opportunity to earn commissions through the downline structure. The compensation is driven by the commission off your own sales as well as that of those in your entire organization. The structure is 7 generations long. You will earn a 65% commission ff any product that is sold directly by you. Compare this to most companies that pay at around 40%-50% at the top level.

Amega Global is a wellness product company that takes advantages of the leading wellness research available. There are a variety of products to choose from as a consumer. Their network marketing company provides a way to enjoy the products as well as produce an income from them. Money can be made from individual sales as well as a 7 generation line of recruits. Although it may take some time to get to the point of earning a good living from this company, it is very well possible.

Source by Warwick McLaren

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