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An Interview With the Real-Life Hacker Who Brings Cred to ‘Mr. Robot’

An Interview With the Real-Life Hacker Who Brings Cred to ‘Mr. Robot’

Hackers An Interview With the Real-Life Hacker Who Brings Cred to 'Mr. Robot' Evan Dashevsky From PCMag Features Editor Lyft

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Stephanie Mlot This story originally appeared on PCMag

Recently, PCMag had a chance to speak with Kor Adana, a writer and technology producer for our favorite psychedelic hacker series, Mr. Robot.

A lot of shows and movies tend to half-ass the details when it comes to technology (ahem, CSI: Cyber). However, the creaters behind Mr. Robot go to great lengths to get the technology right -- particularly when it comes to formulating realistic and feasable hacks and accurately portraying hacker culture. All the hacking on the show is based on existing, real-life technologies.

Adana is uniquely qualified for this role. A now-retired hacker, his former life resembles many (non-schizophrenia-related) elements of the show's fictional hacker protagonist, Elliot. As a teenage hacker, Adana ran afoul of the law, but would later land a gig helping to digitally fortify a multinational corporation.

Adana's real history actually bleeds into the show at some moments. In one scene from earlier this season, Elliot recalls his first hack of a local library, which is a re-telling of Adana's first hack as a mischievous teenager.

The interview originally streamed live on Facebook as part of our series, The Convo. You can see past interviews with scientists, futurists, writers and other notable geeks here.

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