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An Introduction To Kewego

An Introduction To Kewego

Kewego is a French-founded company that operates several video sharing websites similar to YouTube and Vimeo. Its most popular projects are and In 2011, Kewego was sold to KIT Digital and the company continued expanding and adding new features to the realm of social video sharing.

The Basics

My Kewego relies on simplicity and intuitively designed characteristics. The process of uploading a video is completed in several simple steps. The company provides both the software and the hardware needed for the operation of a video sharing portal.

In the process of uploading, the clips are converted to a flash format. A branded Flash Video Player is provided for displaying the videos properly. Apart from offering these basics, Kewego has a viral video placement service.

Who can Use and is It Good for Internet Marketing? is a nice video sharing portal that has several unique characteristics. These turn it into a perfect internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) tool. Through video uploads, members get access to a number of video clip tools that assist marketing and SEO efforts.

Kewego videos can be easily embedded in blogs and websites. The portal allows for sharing via Facebook and Twitter, as well. A category and a tagging option increase the SEO value of each video clip even further. When you tag your videos, you can make use of your keyword marketing techniques and apply them through your tags.

Members of the Kewego community can give videos ratings; they can comment or contact the author of the clip in case of particular interest. The top rated videos appear on the Kewego homepage, which is yet another amazing promotional tool. The higher the videos appear, the more people and better audience who will see promoted links.

My Kewego account creation is free of charge. Video owners are given the tools to upload, share and monitor the performance of their clips after getting them uploaded. Although relatively simple and having a smaller audience than other video sharing portals, Kewego can do a lot in terms of maximizing the effects of an internet marketing campaign.

Kewego’s simplicity and user-friendly functionalities are its biggest advantages. The video upload and sharing website has all of the features that you will need to deliver your clips to the right audience. Take the time to familiarize yourself with Kewego and its unique characteristics before launching your online video campaign there.


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