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Malaysia Top 10

Another Top Outsourcing Destination in Asia

Another Top Outsourcing Destination in Asia

One of the biggest outsourcing hubs in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is attempting to accomplish higher market shares in the worldwide b2b outsourcing industry. Just located below Philippines, Malaysia has become another foremost outsourcing destination, specializing in lead generation and appointment setting services using telemarketing.

This Southeast Asian country is actually home to several international BPO (business process outsourcing) companies which provide exceptional services in generating leads and appointment setting programs on a wide array of business sectors. Lead generation companies leverage on strong database of b2b contacts and telemarketing team to regularly aid clients finding warm and hot sales leads in various industries. Such examples of industries include health care, merchant services, software products, financial services, IT products and services, commercial cleaning, education and training, etc.

Another advantage is that b2b outsourcing lead generation in Malaysia is rapidly growing in number, for the most part because of the country’s economic resiliency in the worldwide economic crisis. Statistics show that Malaysian inflation rate is 2.4% lower than its most Southeast Asian neighbors.

In order to expand its economy, a huge effort was made in their tourism industry and this industry maintains Malaysia’s third biggest revenue from foreign exchange. Generating new businesses for travel can be a good avenue for internet marketers who could aid in supporting this Asian country as a top tourist spot whilst also making profits.

Outsourcing telemarketing in Malaysia has helped several companies over the past few years. It’s an effective marketing tool to be considered to increase clients for the success of a business. Appointment setting is a crucial quality for most companies whose profits rely on a constant sales production. Lead generation companies help businesses maximize sales by setting appointments with the best qualified leads, carefully assessed by the expert call representatives. The sales representatives and appointment setting professionals partner with the client in establishing the objectives for the specific marketing campaign, and then come up with a cost-efficient strategy in marketing the client’s products and/or services.

As every marketing campaign is custom-made to each client’s criteria, the appointment setters present each client with a daily progress report of the campaign results and also, of their agents’ output. The appointment setting firm works in generating sales leads then, qualifying them prior to allowing the client’s sales people to close.

Lead generation and appointment setting services may be challenging, but with the partnership of a dependable b2b outsourcing company and having the right people for the job, then it will be a great help.


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