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Apartment Marketing Plan – Prevent These Mistakes

Apartment Marketing Plan – Prevent These Mistakes

It would be terrifically nice if people in relationships (personal and professional) got along just because.Unfortunately, that is not what always happens, especially when money is involved. So, governments and all sorts of official groups come in with rules which tell people how to under certain certain circumstances and how not to. Such lists also provide detailed lists which indicate how those who fail to follow the rules get reprimanded or punished.

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The fact is that world population has been moving steadily upwards while the global economy has been heading downwards in the last few years. So, there are more people who are looking for more apartment rentals because many of them can not afford to buy real estate. That is how apartment marketing became such a huge business all over the world (after all, people have to live somewhere).

Sets of guidelines have been written into official books as laws and regulations. These all focus on Tenant / Landlord Relations which are intended to protect both sides – the tenants and the landlords – as fairly and justly as is possible.

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Let's take a quick peek at the process that leads up to the Tenant / Landlord Relations which involves rental marketing and then advertising rentals which is meant to attract the right tenants who will occupy the vacancy and pay for having that privilege.

To advertise a rental property, the landlord can place ads in the local, the national or the international printed headlines, magazines or periodicals. The landlord can also apply with agencies as well as post "For Rent" signs in front of the vacant property. But, since the World Wide Web (WWW) and the Internet have been invented, apartment advertising can be handled with much more effective.

Today, the Internet is filled with websites that are quick, easy and convenient as they provide beneficial services to landlords and tenants. For landlords, they provide the ultimate exposure to their vacant apartments by getting them listed in many online sites, search directories, social networks as well as video portals. For tenants, these online services are easy-to-get-to sources for listed vacant apartments.

Although the Internet has become the source for everything for many people, some still prefer taking the old fashioned route and that's OK because it takes all kinds to make the world go around.Remember that we're speaking about Relations here.

Whichever method of advertising the landlord chooses, it is up to him or her to investigate the desirability of the want-to-be tenant. In a similar way, it is the responsibility of the tenant to closely consider what is being offered (the apartment) and who is doing the offering (the landlord).

When the two sides are sure that they have found a good match, the Tenant / Landlord Relations begin with the signing of a written contract (or an agreement) which is legally approved by the local authorities. Such a contract must spell out the landlord's obligations, the tenant's commitments, and the means by which to resolve disputes between the two entities, if and when disputes arise.

As is true with all our relationships, Tenant / Landlord Relations are all about the rights, the obligations and the commitments of the landlord towards the tenant and vice versa, of the tenant towards the landlord.

Because each and every tenant desires to live in a decent place, landlords must:

* Provide apartment which comply with the minimum codes for the health and safety of the tenants.
* Do whatever they have to in order to sustain the rental quarters in conditions that are conducive to safety of their tenants.
* Ensure that the common areas of the rental property are safe.
* Keep all facilities, appliances and systems (electrical, plumbing, sanitation, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and so on) in safe working conditions.
* Establish a well maintained system for removal of trash.
* Supply clean running cold as well as hot water.

Because every landlord serves his or her property to be treated respectfully, tenants are subject to:

* Keep their rented spaces in compliance with health and safety.
* Keep their rented spaces clean and damage-free while occupying it.
* Leave the rented spaces as clean and damage-free upon vacancy as they found them when occupancy began.
* Use the system provided for removal of garbage confidential.
* Use all provided facilities, appliances and systems (electrical, plumbing, sanitation, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and so on) reasonably and safely.
* Refrain from purposely or carelessly damage, destroy, deface or remove any part of the rented space.
* Display peaceful and considerate behavior towards other tenants, landlords and / or neighbors.
* Adhere to all the do's and don'ts spelled out within the signed rental contract.

All quarrel or disagreements between tenants and landlords which can not be peacefully resolved otherwise, are taken up in courts of law which are authorized to issue verdicts that can include monitory fines, jail sentences and a variety of community services.


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