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App Design Best Practices

App Design Best Practices

Mobile app development has become a part of every business’ marketing strategy. If you are running any business, you need an app because most of the audience is buying things on mobile. However, there are a lot of business applications already in the market and you must come up with something unique and engaging. For this, it is important that you follow app design best practices that experts follow.


Testing is always the key of every process. It is although a bit of a new field in mobile app development but is surely very impactful. Make sure you conduct test of every phase of the development process.


To engage your users with your app, it is important to know what things motivate them. For a successful application, the motivation of users matter more than your own. Once you understand the motivation of your target audience, it will be much easy for you to place respective triggers in their path. This way, you can lay down a good foundation for an app with good user-experience.

Offline Experience

Users expect from every app to work offline and provide seamless operation without connectivity as well. There are many applications in the market which are praised for their offline-usability. This feature needs to be there in every app so that more and more users can attract to the app.


There are millions of people in the world who use Smartphones but this does not mean at all that everyone knows to operate fully. It means, your app has to be so simple-to-use that every new user can easily operate it without any technical assistance.


How can you make your application extremely simple-to-operate? When the rough design of the application is ready with you, you can ask a non-technical family member to use the app. You can watch him/her using the app and find out the shortcomings or opportunities to make your app’s user-experience better.


You can use grid in your mobile app design because it helps to keep things consistent from screen to screen. Grids are actually design concept which helps to maintain consistency throughout the app and make the design unified.


Designing and developing an app for only one platform cannot help you in long run. There are many platforms and devices in the market which are being used to access apps. If you miss any of the platforms, you miss a lot of opportunities.

Hence, if you plan for mobile app development, make sure you follow these design practices.


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