Are Brands a Luxury or a Necessity for Consumers?


Brands have such strong influence in our life that it is becoming hard to live without them. They are becoming more of a lifeline for consumers who seek more than just a commodity. The concept of brand and logo design hasn’t developed overnight, but has taken decades to alter the perceptions of the consumers.

But brands were not always considered to be essential. Initially commodities were sold out in more or less same fashion. Brands were believed to be the propriety of the affluent class. Only the top companies used to have the privilege of owing a corporate identity and the rich consumers were able to purchase them.

From Necessity to Luxury:

In the pre-industrialization age, commodities were traded without any particular trademark or product name. Clothes were sold simply unlabeled in UK. The only difference found was of the type of cloth being used. But as time progressed, fashion brands in UK started emerging. They developed a status symbol in the minds of affluent consumers. That is when brands were considered to be a luxury symbol.

From Luxury to Necessity:

As time went by, brands began to explore the emotional and self-expressive side of consumers by generating loyalty among them. People don’t buy commodities nowadays, they purchase trustworthy relationships. Sweets are no longer your necessity. It is some famous chocolate brand that you need and not just any confectionery. You want to wear an expensive designer outfit rather than an unlabeled piece of clothing. Brands are not an exclusive right of the affluent anymore. They are developing into more of a necessity than a luxury.

Brands reside in the minds of the consumers. They are created by the perception you give to them. Perceptions differ within people. Some brands might be a necessity for you while you would consider them as a luxury.


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