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Are We Entering A New Era?

Are We Entering A New Era?

Are we entering a new era of how we look for and get information?

There is a new reality coming, and if you pay attention to the train tracks closely you can feel the vibration of the tracks getting more intense as the train gets closer.

I'm going on record as saying the web and how we use it is about to change, again! As some of you know, I'm a big proponent of Google and I personally dabble a little in search engine optimization. I'm not personally an SEO expert, but I do understand the big picture and follow Google's blog daily.

Trying to get your business found at the top of the front page of a search engine is hard, and can take a lot of work, and in some cases a lot of money. Sometimes it's a gamble, and it does not work out the way you hoped. Other times, it's a great hit !!! That is not a negative on my friends in the SEO world, they will admit that much themselves.

I'm going somewhere with this, so stay with me for a moment.

For the last year, I have been engaging myself in social media. Studying it, reading out about it, and yes doing what I've learned. There is so much it's hard to even know where to start sometimes. As I've done so, I've come to one conclusion that keeps repeating itself over and over, again. Social media is about to turn the advertising, marketing, and search engine world upside down.

Google has even recognized it. Recently, they announced they are making Google Social Search available in your search results when you're logged into your Google Account. "Social search results will now be mixed through your results based on their relevancy (in the past they only appeared at the bottom.) This means you'll start seeing more from people like co-workers and friends, with annotations below the results they 've shared or created. " *

According to NY Times Best Selling author, Gary Vaynerchuk, the upcoming social media revolution "is the calm before the social media storm.

He explains, "The Internet came out, it had a lot of hype, it crashed. People did not see returns and left."

Gary's point, "Borders did not believe it andave Amazon the infrastructure." They are out of business. Blockbuster did not believe in it. They let Netflix come in and put them out of business. "

Over the last two years, we have heard a lot about social media, and for good reason. It is humanizing businesses. It's allowing businesses to talk about their passions, and reconnect with people in real ways. Like discussing your favorite sports teams or clothing line. Things that just go beyond business, like congratulating someone for a major achievement or graduating from school.

It's real, it's personal, and it's you.

I believe over the next 18-36 months people are going to start really catching on. Businesses, consumers, friends, family, and the like. Social media is here to stay! And, it's going to continue to revolutionize everything we do from personal interaction to business communications and marketing. Just imagine, you search Google for hotels in the Bahamas and your Facebook or Twitter friend posts that they had a terrible experience. Maybe they had a great experience. Now, the magnitude is that those posts will show up on the first page of Google. You may make decisions based on that review. One-to-one interaction is powerful!

Interesting? Yep!

Keep in mind, this will force a change on Search Engine Optimization. It may very well bump websites from the front page. So, here's my moral, do not rely on only one tool to aid you in your online marketing! Do not rely on Google alone. They are not your friend and they are not in it for you. That's not a negative a Google. They are trying to make for a great search experience for their site visitors, not businesses. SEO is no longer the beginning or the ending of your online world. It is now more complex.

All the reason you need to be working the big picture.

In this new era we are just beginning to enter, you need to do a lot of different things. From your website to blogging, social media, SEO, email newsletters, mobile websites, texting, e-magazines (ezines), online press releases, aggregators, and more. It's a changing world. The social graph is where it's at. If you are not leveraging social media, it is time to start !!!

To learn more, visit our website at Texstar or read the Texstar blog article with video from Google.


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