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ARIIX Convention 2017 Hong Kong Seo Yu Seok

ARIIX Convention 2017 Hong Kong Seo Yu Seok

One of the amazing rewards in our business is to see your partners completely change their lives.

My friend and business partner in South Korea Yusuk Seo spoke on stage at our convention this summer in Hong Kong and shared how this business allowed her to accomplish all of the 100 dreams that she had written. And now she’s on a mission to help 10,000 people achieve THEIR dreams.

It is an honour to work alongside leaders like Yusuk Seo and her husband Mr. Ko to make ARIIX the #1 network marketing company in South Korea. They truly care about their people and have a great project to help poor children get the education they want. She was born in a poor family and want to offer other kids like her who don’t have the financial resources to get a good education.

I look forward to celebrate all of their team’s recent achievements in a week from now in Korea.


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