Asia’s BEST Kept Secret – MALAYSIA EAST COAST! | Kota Bharu Travel Guide


Looking for an off the beaten path destination with cultural gems, fantastic food and friendly locals? Come to the Malaysia east coast – Asia’s best kept secret! This Malaysia travel vlog is the ultimate Kota Bharu travel guide. Kota Bharu is the capital of the state of Kelantan Malaysia. It is famous for its rich Malaysian culture including Malaysian kite making as well as the Malaysian game of gasing. Kelantan Food is worth travelling for, especially the Kelantan dishes, Roti Titab and Nasi Kerabu. Kota Bharu Malaysia also has some amazing local Malaysian markets including Siti Khadijah market, Medan Mara Night Market and Wakaf che yeh night market. Near Kota Bharu Kelantan you can also find some impressive Buddhist statues including the sitting Buddha at Wat Machimmaram and the recliding Buddha at Wat Phothivihan. You can catch buses from Kota Bharu Malaysia at Kota Bharu Bus Terminal. We recommend staying at Troika Residence Kota Bharu Kelantan Malaysia.

This video has captions in multiple languages.

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0:00 Introduction to Kota Bharu vlog: Kota Bharu travel guide
0:30 What to do in Kota Bharu Kelantan Malaysia: Kelantan Tourist Information Centre
0:49 Traditional Malaysian game: Gasing
1:32 Malaysia travel vlog: Kota Bharu Cultural Centre
2:05 Malaysian traditions: Kite making and kite flying
2:20 Malaysian culture: gasing shed or a striking top shed
2:33 Siti Khadijah Market – one of the largest wet markets in Malaysia
3:00 Night market outside Siti Khadijah Market
3:30 Kelantan Food: Nasi Kerabu
4:54 Best local Kelantan dishes – laksam, nasi dagang and Roti Titab
5:27 Malaysia Night market: Medan Mara Kota Bharu
5:44 What to do in Kota Bharu Kelantan Malaysia: Wakaf Che Yeh Night Market
5:57 What to see in Kota Bharu Malaysia: Istana Jahar or Jahar’s Palace
6:23 Malaysian Street art: Kota Bharu Malaysia Murals
6:45 Things to do in Kota Bharu Malaysia: Kelantan State Mosque
7:06 Thai culture in Malaysia east coast: Wat Phothivihan
7:31 Buddhist temple in Malaysia: Wat Machimmaram
7:48 Best beach in Kelantan Malaysia: Moonlight Beach (Pantai Cahaya Bulan)
8:07 Malaysia vlog: Kota Bharu Bus Terminal – buses to Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia east coast
8:44 Where to shop in Kelantan Malaysia: Aeon Mall – Kota Bharu’s largest shopping mall
9:01 Where to stay in Kota Bharu Malaysia: Malaysia Accommodation tour Troika Residence Kota Bharu Malaysia
12:10 Rooftop pool Troika Residences Kota Bharu Malaysia

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  1. Heri Hazril Othman says

    Thanks for the shout out guys 😊 !!!

  2. Prohodaction says

    Bucekt!splendid .

  3. Alirenzo says

    great video and explanation

  4. Alirenzo says

    come to Penang. I will show everywhere here to you guys 😀

  5. Henry Steppel says

    Amazing Malaysia!.The 24th floor is so high!.Please enjoy every bit of your journey there in Malaysia! Saludos mis amigos Tuanis !

  6. Keang Wooi Choo says

    A place where the japanese attacked the peninsula down to singapore. No one expected that. Even the 2 warships – Prince of Wales and Repulse were sunk there.

  7. Keang Wooi Choo says

    Many traditional cultures of kelantanese were disallowed there as the state gov does not want cultural appropriation where there are elements of Hinduism. Eg mak Yong dance. Even unesco has voiced their concern about such ban.

  8. kepongbudak says

    Welcome to Malaysia❤

  9. ayu iu says

    you can eat anything in Malaysia with your style but for Nasi Kerabu, you must mix all ingredients perfectly together (except an additional side dish). It is a must. that is how you can taste the real taste of nasi kerabu.

  10. dh91 says

    The traditional kite that you mentioned in this video is known as "Wau" and it is the logo for Malaysia Airlines.

  11. andresloft says

    The east coast states (Kelantan, Trengganu, Pahang) have much to offer in term of experience, which is very much different from the west coast. The east coast vibe tends to be more lay back, chill and calm. The infrastructure is more rudimental and rustic, but the charm is the friendliness and helpfulness of the people.

    And the food…. The variety is different from the west coast which then offer a different gastronomical experience.

  12. sidd88 says

    Coat a Brew.. Haha 😂
    The right way to pronounce Kota Bharu is like : Cotta-Bar-oo.
    (Baru/Bharu/Bahru means New. While Kota is City)

  13. 125mmm says

    Bossku…kalau anda menikmati nasi kerabu anda kena gaul gaul nasi n segala ramuannya n mkn guna tangan…barulah terasa keenakan jamuan Rice To Wenesday

  14. Norhaslina Hasan says

    I'm happy that you came to Kelantan

  15. Mohd Sarul says

    Salam dari Kelantan, Malaysia.done subscribe

  16. aldarhami says

    Great.. always have nice moments in kota bharu..

  17. Nabuko 434 says

    I went there and if you are white they will be looking at you. But besides that amazing experience.

  18. Cecily Williams says

    I wish I had seen this before we went to Kota Bharu! This and the comments are excellent. Thank you.

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