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Audience Definition – What Your Marketing Agency Needs To Know

Audience Definition – What Your Marketing Agency Needs To Know

Every business goes through the process of trying to understand the best way to reach the public because by understanding how best to reach them, a business can best put together a plan to target the public a bit more specifically. Therein lies the significance of audience definition, sometimes known as customer segmentation.

All business, big or small, strives to know its audience. They figure that if they can can see the basic make-up of their prospective consumer, they can best tailor a product or service that the consumer will want. In basic terms, think of it like a boyfriend trying really hard to buy a present for his long-time girlfriend. In order to find just the right gift, he has to rely on everything he knows about his girlfriend to find something that will make her smile.

This is where a marketing agency becomes an integral piece of the successful business puzzle. A business chooses to work with a separate agency because the agency has resources, time, and experience in putting together a strategy that will take your business to the next level. Still, a business must be an active participant in the process, and for this marketing agency to best define your prospective audience, they will need some important information:

1. Purpose of Your Business/Business Plan – In order for your business to have a chance, it first needs direction, and this is where the business plan comes into play. Moreover, in order for a marketing agency to have a chance in clearly defining your audience, they need to know what your business plan is from the beginning. This will set the stage as to how a marketing strategy will be implemented.

2. Demographics – Your business has no doubt done its homework when it comes to defining the general demographics of your prospective customers. These are the little details that some companies may skimp on a bit, but it is to their detriment. The marketing agency you have hired will need this information from the very beginning. Whether your prospective client-base is made up of a majority one gender over another or if the same base skews towards one age group over another, the marketing agency will narrow the focus of their strategy with expert precision.

3. Online & Social Media Presence – This is perhaps the one manner of reaching customers that many businesses have employed with little success. The reason – they aren’t sure how best to use these outlets. If your company is using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or another other platform, it may be just taking a ‘shot-gun approach’ to finding a connection with the public. However, in the hands of an intuitive marketing agency, they can use the tools attached to these platforms to really find out where customers may be so that time, money, and other resources are not wasted. That does no one any good.

Audience definition, in the right hands & with the right information, can be powerful tools in the successful marketing of any business.


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