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Bachelor of Corporate Communication Degree Program at UTAR Malaysia

UTAR Malaysia

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) Malaysia, Bachelor of Corporate Communication (Hons) program is tailor to train students to become skilful writers with excellent interpersonal skills and overall a well-rounded corporate communication expert, especially in the area of ​​reputation management, advertising and publicity, media, government and investor relationships, marketing communications, internal communications, crisis management and corporate social responsibility. The course provides students with framework to understand communication theories and organizational behavior, stimulates creative problem-solving methods and promotions critical thinking skills to analyze corporate communication issues from both academic and practical perspectives.

The corporate world has become more complex, which has placed critical importance on the role of corporation communication. Firstly, recent technological development, such as the Internet and real-time media have made it possible for information to travel at lighting speed, keeping the business community on their toes 24/7. Secondly, people are now more educated, well-informed and have become more sophisticated. They are more skeptical towards organization’s intentions. Moreover, their demands and expectations of corporations have changed. Companies are expected to do more than just giving back to society. Stakeholders on the other hand demand for greater transparency.

Thirdly, outlook matters a lot. Information is not just required to be presented, but also packaged brilliantly. Sometimes that explains expensive glossy flyers and fancy store interiors. Presentation is important. Lastly, organizations have grown and are now more complicated. A firm has to open itself to the public and investors to create significant revenues and opportunities. While this does benefit the organization to a great extend, it also invites risk and crisis. Due to the constant fluxes in the business arena, organizations are left with no options but to adapt to strategic communication with their constituencies. As a result, the demand for well-trained corporate communication officers is greater than before.

Beside, the Malaysian university is also exposed to key research, Information Communication Technology (ICT), communication and media-handling skill that are helpful in tackling corporate communication matters. Students are also required to undergo three months of internship training with an organization related to their course. This gives them an opportunity to apply their knowledge in the real industry environment while developing relevant skills before graduating.

Many students choose to study at UTAR because it is well-recognized by both locally and internationally. Students are given many opportunities to build a strong and outstanding portfolio, which will eventually impress your future employers. The course covers a wide range of communication aspects and will help you to become a competent corporate communication professional once you graduate.


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