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Basics of Branding and Corporate Identity Making

Basics of Branding and Corporate Identity Making

A brand is like a person & it has got a personality. The biggest responsibility for any company is to look after the corporate brand as it makes up half the value of a company. This is why people spend fortunes in corporate identity designs.

A brand is nothing isolated. It works with psycho-sociology mindset. Each brand has its own strategy to capture market. Branding is a continuous effort & sometimes corporate brand name earns more than the assets of that company.

Media communication is a very crucial part in brand communication. The most important fact about brand is that – each brand has a promise and what is said or promised must be conveyed and kept. In this regard it should be said that not only branding but brand management is also very essential. A brand has to contact in a 360 degree approach, keeping track of all the possible issues related to it.

Corporate identity is the identification of a company that comes through visual means like company logo, punch or tag line associated with the logo of the company. The impression that is aimed to create on people is created through these communicators like company logo, poster, punch line or any special sign. And how much a customer is concerned about a company depends upon the intensity of the impression that the corporate brand or image creates. So the importance of creating placing, positioning a corporate brand is immense.

Corporate identity is something that tells others about –

* What is the company about

* Who is running the company

* How the is being run or operated

It is the brand image on people that creates the corporate image as a whole. If a company is successful in creating or instilling the desired impression on mass people, then it has no bindings to look behind. No doubt that any company wants to have a good reputation and maintain it. With proper branding it does not consume much time to create a favorable corporate image, where as for some companies it takes decades to achieve that image and reputation.

Some points to remember:

* Each brand should be carefully built and designed.

* Each brand is original so picture used should also be original.

* In brand building so as to corporate image building, one has to be leader and not follower.

* Styling of logo and designing of punch lines are crucial. Logo should be clearly visible from all corners.

* Design moves the brand, the brand moves the client and the client moves the profit and the profit moves the company!

* For brand management, integrated communication covering all aspects of a brand is necessary.

* Promoters, brand ambassadors should not be over emphasized than product or brand itself.

Most of the multinational companies today are in the urge to get a quick return on their investment. This is to some extend achievable. Also, branding and corporate identity design need not be as expensive as it might sound.


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