Be prepared for long stock market downturn, say experts


Two experts believe Malaysia’s stock market performance is unlikely to improve significantly because of systemic problems.

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  1. I can’t stop 👆👆Doing this Crypto investment with you thanks you for the 2btc🙏

  2. MΞGAN says

    Systemic Problems = Severe Corruptions

  3. MFahan AR says

    No need to follow expert. Not the experts make decisions.

  4. Superpedia World百科 says

    When they say go down it usually go up 😂😂😂believe it or not

  5. LRC says

    Bullshit,the country is heading towards disaster headed by turtle and tortoise gangs,the ringgit is falling apart everything else is going up people are getting more selfish self-centere, everything needs a fullstop.

  6. Asian Tea Party says

    Gravity is very active in Malaysia.

  7. Asian Tea Party says

    Malaysia is turning into a failed state like Sri Lanka.

  8. NLD says

    Going worst n worst.
    People sufferd all the way.
    Goverment totally fail.

  9. Nanta kumaran says

    Stock Bad performance due to many factors ?
    a- Political instability – daily politics
    b- Poor ,weak investment,government policies
    c – Rampant corruption – money from foreign country comes in n then goes to Money changers then to corrupt politicians ? Not through banking systems , difficult to detect,n even if detect ,do Selective investigation ,selective prosecution,selective judgement ,wayang n after stealing ,looting ,millions ,still free ,go on holidays ,neducal checkups etc
    d- Poor ,weak National leadership
    e- No firm ,fair,immediate action on corruption ,criminal ,abuse of power activities
    f- People to be blame for electing the same corrupt ,stupid so cal leaders
    g – Many other factors ?

  10. Hafizi FZ says

    I hope Malaysia will rise again with a better government.

  11. Nicky Yap says

    Run, The crash is coming. Don't tell me l did not warn you. 😴

  12. Alan Tan says

    It's corruption and low class ministers…..

  13. Kok Leong Lim says

    Malaysia still very properous … look at the Perodua show room … pack of ppl booking cars …

  14. xXteh_doctorXx says

    malaysia is already a fail nation, the result of being ruled by incompetency.

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