Bella Astillah Shows Receipts Of Sophia AlBarakbah Trying To Cheat With Aliff Aziz


The past few weeks have not been easy for celebrity couple Aliff Aziz and Bella Astillah after word got out that the singer had cheated on his wife – again! It all started after the latter came up with some shocking revelations about an actress who working alongside her husband in an upcoming drama.

Speaking in an interview last weekend, Bella revealed that her husband received up to eight missed calls from the actress on a daily basis. When she confronted the actress, she revealed that she had “accidentally fallen for” Aliff. The identity of the individual in question was not disclosed specifically by Bella. That said, many netizens claimed that Bella’s statement was directed at Sophia AlBarakbah.


Alamak. Pelakon wanita mana yang cuba nak try Aliff Aziz ni? 😠 Berani mati call suami orang sampai 7, 8 kali, siap mengaku suka suami orang 🥵 Jom dengar cerita Bella Astillah. #fyp #xtramy #familiduotv3 #bellaastillah #aliffaziz #komen #beritaditiktok #sembangentertainment

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“Yes, she apologised to me. She said she was stupid and accidentally fell for my husband. I was shocked and horrified. She even texted me and said that she wants to be my friend. I said no. I’m just really worried now because many people have come forward to talk to me about this. I feel like I’m not respected as the wife. I’m glad Aliff and I have sorted it out in a mature way. I hope that as actresses, we can consider the feelings of our male co-stars’ wives and respect our boundaries and know our limits,” the “Famili Duo” star shared.

A couple of days after Bella issued her statement, Aliff broke his silence about the rumour. The “Gegar Vaganza” winner said, “Without having to mention names, I believe everyone already knows that I was involved in only one TV project with the actress. Even my wife did not mention her name, so it’s better to just leave it at there.”


He added, “I know it was a fragile moment for Bella, but we are open to discuss and resolve this matter as adults. We can sit together, discuss and communicate about this issue rationally. At the same time, I will never say something that contradicts to what my wife just said. I know Bella… she won’t release any statements without checking the matter. No one expected for this controversy to escalate quickly. I consider this as a reminder from God to always be mindful of my boundaries when it comes to working.” Aliff also clarified that he will no longer work together with Sophia in his subsequent acting projects.

While Sophia refused to comment about the controversy, Bella took to her Instagram to share some screen caps of her conversation with the 30-year-old celebrity on WhatsApp. As seen in the photo, Sophia had begged the “Cinta Belum Tamat Tempoh” actress to not air her dirty laundry in public. “Please forgive me, Bella. Please don’t tell my parents. They are already old. My dad will have a heart attack if he knows this,” she told Bella.

“Why are you running away? Why didn’t you attend the press conference for the drama?” Bella questioned, before adding, “To those who said that I was lying, I forgive you. “I have no plans to make any statement, but since Sophia insisted that she does not want to involve everyone in this case, this is the reason:”

Check out their conversation here:

Source: IG via Oh My Media

In the same post, Bella also said that the screenshots are just 10% of the revelation. Previously, Aliff made nationwide headlines after he was caught in a string of cheating scandals with multiple women. Get the full scoop here.

Sources: MMO, Harian Metro, Berita Harian.

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