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BerryBunch Rakan Niaga Programme – Great Malaysian eCommerce Opportunity!

BerryBunch Rakan Niaga Programme – Great Malaysian eCommerce Opportunity!

I have been watching this Malaysian eCommerce (e-commerce) program for quite some time now and since I am impressed with their rapid progress by far, I have decided to highlight them here today.

BerryBunch Rakan Niaga Programme is actually a part of an ambitious web portal project made possible by an enterprising Malaysian Malay woman that goes by the name of Saniah Abdul Manan. The web portal project is known as the BerryBunch Portal Project which went online somewhere in March 2006. To date, they have more than 7,000 online participants and their portals received more than 700,000 hits on average per week. Very impressive!

When I heard about their ambitious project last year, I was a bit skeptical at first to be honest. It is not easy to establish a big eCommerce project online especially in the South East Asian region. But today I can say that they have reached all their three objectives as outlined down below. Well done!

  1. To promote real internet e-commerce lifestyle amongst Malaysian specifically and all internet users in general.
  2. To generate fresh, new, in-demand, healthy, value-added local Malaysian internet content on international internet domain.
  3. To create a fast, economical and effective online business platform for budding entrepreneur to begin marketing, promoting and selling their products and/or services online.

BerryBunch Rakan Niaga Programme is actually a merchant program. It is open to every traders, producers, resellers and manufacturers not only in Malaysia but also to the rest of the world. The online merchant program is a great platform for online entrepreneurs, giving them the opportunity to showcase their products or services online. To date, they have 10 specific portals showcasing multitude of products and services ranging from almost anything that you could think of! Maybe I should join them some time soon. Hmm…

They are nowhere near eBay just yet but their merchant program is another good option that you could tap into if you’re into selling stuffs and services online. Give it a shot!


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